Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: Tokyo Bubble Tea

Yes, you read that right!  Tokyo Bubble Tea again after so many years!  The last time I blogged about this restaurant was during my surprise Baby Shower organized by my bestie!

2 years after, I'm finally back!  But actually the Baby Shower was at their Wilson, San Juan branch, this time, I'm back at their Timog branch after a busy day of gigs!  With my family of course!

This isn't my first time in the branch but this is a first to have lunch there!  The ambiance is different, well, because for the fact that their air conditioner was not working properly so it wasn't that much of a fun experience that time.  (I hope they are fixed by now).

So it was my decision to go back to this restaurant because I was craving for their Bibimbop!  Yup, the restaurant serves Korean dishes too!  They actually serve quite a huge selection of Asian dishes so there is definitely something for different palettes.

First order of business...soup!

Truffled Mushroom Soup
A bowl golden happiness that will bring you 
a hearty and nostalgic flavor of mushroom.

True enough, I tasted strong flavor of mushroom!  NOT Truffled Mushroom but just regular mushroom!  This isn't TDF (to-die-for) but on days you are craving for creamy soup and you're a fan of Chinese mushrooms?  You can go for this!

Grilled octopus-filled balls made of pancake batter, topped with mayonnaise, 
katsuobushi and sweet soy sauce.

Not bad!  Tokyo Bubble Tea restaurant is actually known for their Pearl Milk Tea and Takoyaki!  Definitely a must-try if you visit the restaurant.

Pork Katsudon
Breaded Pork Cutlet with egg and mixed vegetables.

Nothing special!  This dish doesn't have much of the sauce we want that is drizzled all over rice, I find this dish lacking of flavor!

Korean Bibimbap
Ground beef with rice, white onion, garlic, Korean Sauce,
Zucchini, carrots, bean sprouts, spinach and mushroom.
Served with egg and chili paste on Korean Hot Stone.

The reason why I'm in this restaurant!  You get a good amount of all the ingredients mentioned and I love this!

Sakura Ebi Fry & Hamburg Steak
A set meal if you don't want to think about what to eat and want to try whatever the restaurant can offer!  This is a perfect "starter" set if you want to have the full Tokyo Bubble Tea experience!  I highly recommend this because the fried rice is amazing!

Overall, I love the dishes served at Wilson Street better.  I'm not sure about the consistency of the taste of their dishes per branch but so far, after dining in this branch twice, I am really leaning on the San Juan Branch.

Have you tried Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant?
Do you have a favorite dish I should order when I revisit?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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