Saturday, July 11, 2015

Unboxing: June BDJ Bioderma Box + #EverydayWithHappiness

Happy weekend AMW Friends!  I hope today is not as wet as previous days!  I had a wonderful and fruitful week so I can't help but share my good vibes to everyone!  It helps to really focus on the positive elements of your life because you can definitely attract more good things!

How?  By appreciating all the little things in life!  Like receiving this box of mini Bioderma samples!  Okay, the negative Nikki would probably go: "All small sample sizes? WHAT?"  (Hashtag MEANIE)  But instead, I went ahead and said: "YAY!  I can finally try Bioderma products!"

Truth be told, I was invited for the grand launch of Bioderma products (the distributor is a very good friend, so is the PR person), unfortunately, family always comes first so I declined the invite so I wasn't able to understand it when my fellow Beauty Blogger friends would rave about these well-sought after products!  

So when I received the BDJ June Box, it was a delight for me to be able to try the brand!  And BDJ box girls were kind enough to add a full sized product that I love!  Will tell you more about it after the jump!

Full sized The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Tint and Php200.00 voucher if you purchase Php1,000 and above TBS items. 

Sample sizes ---
  • Sensibio Tonique 
  • Sensibio Eye Contour Gel 
  • Sensibio AR
  • Atoderm Intensive
  • Atoderm Preventive
  • Atoderm Cream
  • Sebium Global
  • Cicabio Cream
I will definitely bring these sample sizes when I stay overnight in a hotel!  Yup!  Will be booking an AMW family bonding soon at Discovery Suites Ortigas!  Girls, I can't give you any feedback on any of the products mentioned above as I haven't tried any of it -- yet, so please do me a favor and let me know which Bioderma product is worth the purchase (keep in mind on my skin type please! Dry and gorgeous!  lol  --- Thank you!)

As always, you can join the BDJ Box #BareBeautifulSkin Promo.  Take a photo of your #BareBeautifulSkin after using the Bioderma products in your June BDJ Box.  Use the caption: "I am ready to show my #BareBeautifulSkin with (product name) and the reason why it helped you flaunt your make-up free skin.  Post on your social media account tagging @BDJBox.  Goodluck!  The winner will receive a BDJ Box Gift Pack with Bioderma Products.  Contest ends july 24, 2015.

After taking this shot for my IG account, I suddenly read the sticker that was included in the box: "Make Today Beautiful".  Such a short yet strong phrase to remember by!  

 Then I realized how I make everyday beautiful!  Well, when my son is extremely fuzzy and I get so tired as soon as I return on my work desk, what I do is I look at my surroundings and find for things that inspires my imagination.  #EverydayWithImagination

Like my work space, I put our family photo from Pampers event that reminds me of the reason why I am working so hard.  And of course, I also surround myself with all things girly --- cute boxes that I received from press kits, my favorite make up brands and gifts from friends.

At times I'm tired from my "HR Job", I take a break and take shots of my favorite #EverydaywithNewDiscoveries I found another way to de-stress aside from taking a good cup of coffee!
I am now in love with scented candles!  My favorite is from Heart & Home, they are indeed mood boosters!

Then I also have some of my "make up favorites for the week" laying on top of my work desk!  Like my Shiseido Maquillage Blush.  #EverdayWithMakeUp

 Then before dinner, I would actually search for unique dishes or plan my own "AMW Dishes" and share it on IG #EverydayWithAMWCooking

And maybe, enjoy a piece (or two?) of sweets with my family for that instant positive mood booster!

My favorite for the moment?  My HUGE Villa Del Conte Milk Chocolate bar!  I believe this is new addition to my Villa Del Conte-Addiction!  You can also pick Dark Chocolate!  If you are a baker, you can use these too because they aren't too sweet!  A bar is just right to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

And sharing photos of my son on social media is NOT boasting about his milestones.  I actually like sharing #KyleNash photos because I want to look back and enjoy the times he was extremely small, and I can actually keep track the first time he completed his ABCs, the first time he learned his shapes, parts of the body, colors, numbers, fruits, vegetables and a lot more with time stamps online!  #EverydayWithKyleNash

Like this photo which was a first for him to enjoy characters which made his dad extremely happy! 

And on days I prettified myself and wore contact lens for the first time after 5 years, I had to share it on social media because I want to show to the world how make up can really make us look and feel good!  NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  I also like to hear/read honest opinions from fellow beauty junkies on which make up look works best for me!  I may be a Pro Make Up Artist but I still need your opinion you know!

That's #EverydayWithAMW for you!

So even if we think too much social media is bad, for me, it is my way of staying sane and making everyday more bearable and happy!

And who can say the best things in life aren't free?  Well, all thanks to my Smart family, all Smart Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers can now enjoy FREE Instagram!  So Instagram about your life as much as you can!  Nobody can call you "spamming" because they can always unfollow if they don't like what you see!  AGREE?

Please visit for more information.  And if you like to see all my Hashtag #EverdayWith antics, do follow me!

And please make your own unique #EverydayWith(...) and comment below so I can also check it out!

Stay happy and have a wonderful weekend ahead!
I love you guys!  Seriously!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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