Wednesday, July 1, 2015

AMW Reports: My First Family Portrait with Pampers

Can you spot the familiar-Family portrait that I grabbed from Pampers website?

Yes!  The AMW family!  You also get to see Shen's family too! (upper right hand side).
You know how I am so into taking photos on my phone on Kyle's EVERY move!  As much as I have all his facial expressions saved in my laptop, I always choose the best ones and have them printed out and displayed in our living room and bedroom.

And I love how guests coming in our home gets to see those printed shots!  Though we are living in an extremely high-tech world, I can't seem to get enough of the "old school" printed photos.  Because I smile, every time I see them right in front of me without having to open my computer or phones.

When Pampers invited us to experience a Pampers First Family Photo Shoot, I definitely said YES even though it was not only a Sunday, but a VERY busy Sunday! 

I'm not sure about you but when it comes to taking family portrait, I get really nervous!  What runs in my head? "Will Kyle enjoy the place?" "Will he get scared?" "Will we get a good shot of him?  Will he even face the camera?" and oh!  "Will he bring out the terrible 2 in him with strangers around?"

The moment we arrived at Puregold Quezon Avenue branch, indeed, my hunch was right!  He got scared and hugged me tight...

Check out his body language, after seeing all the cute pillows and possible toys to enjoy, he's starting to sit upright while daddy enjoyed taking photos of the set-up while Kyle warms up!

It didn't take long, less than a minute to be exact when he let go of me and climbed down. He found his favorite toy at the Pampers photobooth set-up!

Tantananan!!! SHAPES!

Then he smiled and I knew everything will be alright!
Check out that priceless expression!

Pampers were kind enough to give us a FREE Family Portrait shoot to any family with kids 5 years below when you purchase Pampers Dry or Pampers Premium.  The free photoshoot comes with a great location, super cute toys and props!  (Can you see the white vanity table behind us?  I want that!!!)  Even though the shoot was held at Puregold, you don't even feel like you're inside a supermarket because the set-up was so cozy it literally felt like home away from home!

Because Kyle was so comfortable in the area, we were able to take good shots right away!  I think Pampers Photographer took only 2-3 shots and we're done!

We actually stayed and watched how other families have their baby photos taken too!  A cute 1-month old baby boy with his friend Elephant!

I told my hubby I wished we had the same experience when Kyle was only a month old!  I just can't get enough on how fast they grow!  I wish we were able to take more family portraits with our little Kyle back then!  (The first one was when he was almost a year old!)  But yeah, I learned my lesson so I'm taking as many chances to have a family portrait as early as now!

 In less than 10 minutes, we got our First Family Portrait, and the best part is?  It's waterproof!  The Pampers girl actually wet our photo to prove how this photo can withstand water accident thus our family portrait will last us for years and years to come!

P.S. I wanted to scream at her for rubbing wet cotton ball on our newly printed portrait!   Thankfully, they are indeed super waterproof and the photos are now dry and safe with me!

Mr. AMW - the auditor, checked the quality of the printed photo.  He gave me a thumbs up sign!

And our son, "deadma" with all the excitement around, continued playing his favorite shapes and didn't realized how much of a star he was that morning!  He made us proud and I can't wait to take more family photos in the future!

Thank you so much Pampers Philippines and Fuentes for having the AMW family around!  Thank you for this memorable "shoot".  I actually have this photo displayed at my work table (for inspiration)

Fellow mommies, how do you feel when you have a Family Photoshoot coming?
How do you prepare your son/daughter?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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