Thursday, July 16, 2015

AMW Reviews: Etude House Proof 10 GelQuid Liner Review (Black)

Hi my dear AMW friends!
I had a wonderful start of the week!  It went by pretty quickly with make up trainings/workshops and several meetings for exciting collaborations!

God is really good!  I thank him for giving me the talent to teach about make up and giving me YOU guys as my wonderful readers!  #THANKFULTHURSDAY!

When I was applying liquid liner at around 5:30am in a dark room, I realized, I had to review this one that I got called Etude House Proof 10 Gelquid Liner.

Everyone knows I'm a fan of the Proof 10 line, from Proof 10 mascara to their Proof 10 Eye Primer --- I first learned about them during my Seoul, Korea visit which was several years ago!

Will this turn out to be my 3rd favorite Proof 10 product?

Etude House Proof 10 GelQuid Liner Review (Black) photo

Judging by it's name, the product must be liquid liner that finishes like a gel.

Etude House Proof 10 GelQuid Liner Review (Black) review

Etude House Proof 10 GelQuid Liner Review says ---
Etude House has done it again. Known as one of the leading innovators in the cosmetics world, the Etude House Proof10 Gelquid liner contains the new "gelquid" formula which combines the texture of gel liner and liquid liner. Sport any vibrant and rich-colored gel liquid eyeliners for every occasion sans the smudging with heat or sweat. 

  • BK801 - Black Hole 
  • BK802 - Black Swan 
  • BR402 - Deep Sand
  • GR701 - Forest
  • RD301 - Blood Red

AMW says ---
  • Brush is not the typical sharp tipped but quite easy to use.
  • Pigmentation of the "gelquid" is amazing!
  • Lasts the whole day or until make up removal.
  • No smudging, smearing or flaking.
  • Comes in variety of shades!
  • Drawing precise line isn't difficult with this brush.
  • Waterproof.
  • Easy to remove with regular eye make up remover.
  • Can easily create thin to thick line.
  • Fast-drying.
  • Formulation feels good and looks amazing!
  • The handle of the brush is a bit long.
  • Though this is called "gelquid", supposed to have a gel liner texture, it still feels like regular liquid liner so it will be a bit more challenging to use for first-time liquid or gel liner users.
    • If you are the type who rubs your eyes midday, the liner may be rubbed off midday. (only if you rub your eyes hard!)
    I find this liner amazing in terms of quality.  The brush is really good but the handle is a bit too long and difficult to maneuver even for a "pro".

    • Start by drawing at the center and connect short lines.
    • If you plan to "wing" your liner, draw a small flick or border and gently fill in the liner.
    • If you made mistakes, fret not, use a q-tip drenched with eye make up remover and gently remove excess liner.
    • BK802 is amazing if you are the type who likes pure, glossy black liner.
    • Practice practice practice!  Always start with a thin line and gently build thickness.
    • Never use this on waterline or to tightline.
    Will I repurchase?

    To whom do I recommend this to?
    Liquid liner users! 

    Where to purchase and how much?
    Available at local Etude House stores priced at Php548.00 (approx $12.45).

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    Twitter: @etudehousegirl
    Instagram: @etudehousephilippines

    Nothing unique, well, what sets this apart is the length of the "handle".  

    The brush is around 2 cm long so it is easy to control.  The tip isn't extremely sharp but good enough to create a winged liner look.

    BK892 is a pure black shade with a glossy finish.

    A diagram to show you how to create a small "wing".
    Draw a border or outline (in a very gentle manner) and once you are happy with the result, gently fill in the color.  It takes time and a lot of breathing exercise if you are a first-time user.

    My day-time winged liner look.  This style will help "lift" my droopy eyes.

    This liner is also perfect when you have small eyes!  I can literally create a thick liner on the outer corner of my eyes and thinner on the inside to create wide-eyed doll effect.

    Remember the day I told you I was applying liquid liner in the dark?  Surprisingly?  It looks good!  And this photo was taken several hours after application (think about driving from Manila to Makati, took a cab to the workshop area and walked under the sun!)

    Not bad as there wasn't any smudging or smearing!  This photo, by the way was taken with direct sunlight so my skin is EXTREMELY good (all thanks to my highlighting products, ahem..primer!)  But seriously, I am in love with my liner here!  *pats my own back and kisses Etude House Proof 10 GelQuid Liner*

    Are you comfortable with liquid liners?
    Will you give Gelquid liner a try?
    Ahh gelquid sounds TOO cute!

    Keep smilin'
    Stay happy!


    1. Hi Nikki!

      I was able to try applying eyeliner last weekend and it was hard for a first timer like me. Hope fully, I can master the skill soon. Because of my experiene, it made me think if applying eyeliner often will cause wrinkles on my skin specially in the eyelid area? Does eyeliner have expiration? when?

      Also, I should mention, you look very refreshing in the photo.


      1. Yes, you should just keep on trying!!!! :D You can do it! Thanks Heidi for visiting and I hope to see you soon! Love your photos on FB!

    2. You look like a Korean star here achi Nikki!! :) luv it!

      1. wow, sana totoo! hahahaha :D Hope to see you again!

    3. The blood red color and forest(im expecting green) is something that I'm putting in my wish list! Ps: you look great in the lasi photo :)

      1. I can't imagine the Blood Red Color but I'm sure with your pretty face, it'll look good on you! Forest is really nice!

    4. I'm in how the blood red looks on the eyes. :) Hope it isn't scary. Thanks for this!

      1. hahaha I can't imagine but I'm sure with the right eyeshadow, it'll work! :) Especially for cosplayer!!!!

    5. Winged eyeliner looks amazing on you; all mysterious and fancy :D Uhm, wait. If this can't be used to tightline, then what should we use? No idea how to tightline, but I was trying it a while ago with a similar Etude House product (Oh M'Eye Line)

      1. aww thanks Valerie!
        For tightline, we must use Pencil! Tightline is you apply liner on the white area on the upper lashline.. yung loob! :D

      2. Thanks for the advice! Ang scary, baka may matusok :(( but I'll try.

    6. The brush / applicator looks like a pain. I always have a hard time with those kinds of applicators.

      1. ako, not so bad! It looks a pain but quite easy to use ha? the pain part is the length of the handle lang!

    7. Hello, I was just wondering if you've tried the Oh m'Eye Line eyeliner from etude house, and which one I should get?


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