Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Casual, Day and Night Look Using L'Oreal Color Riche Star Matte Reds

So you guys probably knew by now how I love to play around with my looks by merely changing my lipstick shade?

If you don't...well, I guess the secret is out!

You know how we always think Red Lipsticks are for special occasions, you're probably one of those who blurted out: "I don't look good in Red Lippie!".  Truth be told, I was one of those!  But thankfully, we have a wide range of "reds" nowadays to choose from there will surely be a RED meant for YOU!
A photo of L'Oreal Color Riche Star Matte Reds

L'Oreal Paris Collection Star 3 lipstick shades meant for Light, Medium and Dark skin tone arrived at my desk one day, as much as I would love to showcase 3 different skin tones on my blog, I want to create a different take on how different shades of REDS can be worn by just one person --- YOU.

L'Oreal Color Riche Star Matte Reds photo

L-R  Pure Ruby, Pure Rouge and Pure Garnet

Thankfully, they have the colors printed out clearly without having me to squint.  At the same time, manufacturing date is also clearly printed at the bottom of the lipstick.

Arm Swatch 
L-R Pure Rouge, Pure Ruby and Pure Garnet

Loreal Paris Collection Star by Freida Pinto
Pure Rouge
A cool-toned red that I pick as my "Casual Day" lip color because this shade gives an extra "oomph" and can brighten up even my not-so-white teeth.

On Casual Days like grocery shopping, brunch with friends, I go for almost bare-faced with just a touch of brow pencil, eyeliner pencil and L'Oreal Color Riche in Pure Rouge.

Loreal Paris Collection Star
Pure Ruby
I believe this isn't part of the newest Color Riche Star Matte Reds, it was supposed to be Pure Scarletto on Press Kit but I don't mind having this around because this is a gorgeous warm-toned Red Lipstick.

And this, I call my Day Time or could be an Office Look.  As much as the weather is crazy and we don't want "panda-eyes" on a hot humid day, I opted to apply colored liner from  Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner in shade Beyond Green.

I also picked Benefit Box O' Powder Dallas because it has a warm "bronzer-like" shade minus the shimmer.

The reason why I went for Green liner and A Matte Bronzer-Shade Blush is to create a nice balance all over.  A warm lips calls for warm eyes and cheeks and of course, give that huge WARM smile!

Don't forget to curl your lashes and add your favorite mascara.

If you ask me, I look like I'm ready for that presentation or a meeting with Big Boss!

Loreal Paris Collection Star by Sonam Kapoor
Pure Garnet
A deep plum red shade that would look great not only on users with dark complexions but for any night out look!

Remove the blazer, create a dramatic eye and a  light feminine blush shade from Benefit Box O' Powder in Hervana (my fave!).  When it comes to make up application, I prefer to apply lipstick first so I have a rough idea on how my overall look would go!

This make up deserves a halter top!  (hahaha!)

 Please let me know if you want me to do a Photo-Torial on this look!

Overall, the 3 Collection Star Matte Reds by Color Riche are better in terms of moisturizing level.  My lips never felt dry or crack so the matte gel technology and caring jojoba oil is probably doing their job!  Mind you, I have extremely dry lips and these lipstick never bleed or feather up on me.  

The only downside is, the lipsticks are more hydrating thus I assume, has smoother and softer texture so the chance to have "melted" lipsticks may happen.  It happened to my Pure Ruby lipstick and I will do my best to restore it!

And here's the best news, for the quality, Php625.00 isn't bad, but, the lipsticks in this collection will now be sold for only Php400.00 !  So yay, better quality plus better savings!  What more can we ask for?

I am actually off to check out other matte red shades from this collection.

What is your favorite Matte Red Shade from the looks I've done above?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i love mattes! and this is perfect ms nikki!

    1. yes, mattes are great as long as they are not drying, and this is it!

  2. They don't look that matte based on your photos, but they are gorgeous reds nonetheless.

    1. I think it is because of the camera flash but I can assure you, they are indeed very matte!

  3. honestly not a fan of matte type and red lipsticks.. I thought they'd be drying and would make my lips chapped... and reds? I've never worn a bold, red lip color.. but you wearing that Pure Rouge? WOW! Tama po si Beauty by Tellie.. HOT! as in PIPPING HOT! hahaha.. (^....^)

    1. Well i used to dislike reds so much too! Kaya when I dind those that works I'll love them for life!

  4. I've been hunting these for ages pero laging out of stock Huhuhu I've always wanted to try red lippies since puro pink ang mga lippies ko. Hahaha Thanks for the reviews Ms. Nikki!

    1. my pleasure, go lang and ask other counters! Magkakaroon yan! and goodluck with owning your first red lippie!


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