Monday, July 20, 2015

AMW Reviews: YADAH Auto Lip Crayons

It's Monday today and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Cheers to good vibes everyone!
And today, I will be sharing a review on a "cute" brand.  When I say "cute", I always think about brands like Etude House or Benefit Cosmetics!  Who would've thought another brand joined in the "cute packaging" bandwagon?

You probably read about Yadah Cosmetics on my first YADAH post.  Aside from skincare, they have a full range of make up line that even professionals can really look into!  ONE product that really caught my attention is their Auto Lip Crayon line!  I "swatched" them during the event and was impressed with the smoothness, creaminess and high pigmentation! 

Today, I will be reviewing 2 shades --- a light and dark shade.

Auto Lip Crayons in Shades 06 (Plum Burgundy) and 07 (Rose Beige)


YADAH Auto Lip Crayons says ---
Bold. Beautiful. Intense. Long-lasting.

AMW says ---
  • Packaging.  Simple and easy to use.
  • Pigmentation is extremely good.
  • Non-drying.  Lips never feel tight midday.
  • Glides on easily.
  • Paraben free and has Vitamin C (which won't make your lips appear dark).
  • Organic!
  • No need for sharpening.
  • Price.
  • Velvety soft and has semi-matte finish.
  • Lasts longer than regular lipsticks but will still fade after eating and drinking (approx. 4-5 hours).
  • If you have EXTREMELY dry lips, Rose Beige may look a tad bit dry.  
  • not all shades are available ONLINE so better visit Beauty Bar stores for shades 6 and 7.
Organic Lip product that has high pigmentation.  Wide variety of shades that can be used together to create gradient lips.

  • Use dark and light shades together to create gradient lip effect.
  • If you use lip balm, remember to remove the excess moisture by patting your lips with tissue before you apply lip crayon for longer wear.
  • To create matte finish, dab your lips with tissue and pat with translucent powder to absorb excess shine and moisture.
  • Rose Beige is perfect for day time while Plum Burgundy is a wonderful night time lip color.
  • No need for lip brush!  Use the tip to define the outer corners of your mouth and use the "wide side" of the lip crayon to fill in the rest of your lips.
Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Rose Beige is perfect for medium to dark skin tone while Plum Burgundy would look great on ALL skin tone.

Where to purchase and how much?
Available on all Beauty Bar stores nationwide or online priced at Php375.00 (approx $8.50) each

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Packaging.  See the cute outline of YADAH? She's so cute!
Her hairdo reminds me so much of me in grade school!

Shade: 07 Rose Beige
Rose Beige is a cool toned medium peach shade.  Though I look better with warm toned lip product, I find this to work really well when I don't look tired or when I have a good night sleep!  I find this to be a lovely "nude" color as it evens out the natural pigmentation of my lips!

06 Plum Burgundy
As much as I thought I had enough REDS and nearly gave this away!  Thankfully, I didn't!  Just look at how gorgeous the color is!  In one glide, I get true Deep RED shade.  I don't see much "plum" color on this because of my lips' natural pigmentation.  Overall, I like how it warms my face and gives an instant lift.

As stated on my review above, the Rose Beige shade may create "dry lines" ONLY on extremely dry-lipped users!  This doesn't bother me at all because if I moisturize my lips well prior to application, this won't happen!

As to Plum Burgundy, I enjoy how I can easily define my lips using the tip of the crayon and fill the rest using light hand motion for day time wear. I can easily go for night time look when I apply 2nd or 3rd layer.

How do you find the YADAH Auto Lip Crayons?
Which shade do you like better on me?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The rose beige shade looks great on you, Nikki! :)

  2. The roise beige shade looks good on you, Nikki! ;)

    1. thanks! i've always been using the Rose Beige, as in almost daily! :D

  3. Rose Beige looks fresh, while the Plum looks fierce :D I didn't think this would be affordable since it's organic + Beauty Bar product pa, but 375 is not bad!

    1. thanks Valerie, I was surprised with the price range too! :)

  4. Plum burgundy is such a beauty. Interesting and impressive product that I think its worth the try.

    1. at first, I didn't like it much, but after wearing it a couple of times and seeing this photo, I'm starting to like it more :D

  5. Whoah they're organic?! One more reason to check them out. I am really curious about their skincare range than their makeup though. Do you have any review on that? Like the toners and serums?

    1. yes! surprised din ako! bihira for Korean Skincare/makeup line to be organic :D
      I am not using pa the skincare line, you know me...too slow and I'm very careful in transitioning skincare products

  6. I would love to get my hands on Plum Burgundy! Reminds me of Happy Skin's Hot Stuff. And that they're organic? Another plus point!

    1. Sis I know what you mean, the organic part is perfect :D


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