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Healthy Food Delivery Review: Fit Food Manila

If you are active on Instagram, you've probably seen celebrities or your favorite Bloggers going for Healthy Meals! 

I want to try them, badly!  Not because I am really into diet, but for the fact that I know I should eat well and get in shape!  It has been 2 years since giving birth so I want to stay active, look healthy and feel good with my body!  

Truth be told, there are days I am not treating myself well, I tend to skip breakfast and just have a cup of coffee, or skip meals because I'm too busy with work!  Such a huge no-no right?  Especially if you're a mom with a super hyper-active toddler.

When a good friend of mine asked me if I wanted to give these healthy meals a try!  I immediately said YES!  As much as I love cooking, there are days I don't want to think about the food I will eat!  And best of all, I want to eat healthy!

For 5 days, I've tried meals from Fit Food Manila.  Fit Food Manila sends delicious low-calorie meals straight to your doorstep the night before for 5 full days! 

True enough, Sunday night at around 9:30pm, a set of food was sent straight to our doorstep with this menu.  I was ecstatic!

Day 1

Chocolate Pancakes with Banana Slices is indeed a breathe of fresh air!  I've always loved pancakes and never thought I would enjoy Chocolate flavored pancakes as much as I did!  I am not a fan of apple so I gave apple crumble a skip and went for a cup of coffee (ooops, sorry!)  

Lunch was Chicken Cacciatore on Brown Rice and for the first time, I enjoyed the taste of brown rice and actually finished this meal without any problem.  Cheese Sandwich was just regular cheese sandwich but filling enough to help me do most of the chores like cooking and playing with my son!  Dinner was Tokwa't Baboy, I am not a fan of Tokwa't Baby but this is really tasty!

Day 2

I kinda missed the pancakes for breakfast, as much as I would like a repeat, a grilled chicken and deli roast beef sandwich was sent my way!  Not bad, it looks filling but it felt just right as it consists mostly of fresh tomatoes and lettuce.

I gave Peaches in Jello a skip because I don't usually have mid-morning snacks and went for a cup of coffee again.  

Lunch was amazing!  I love the Mango-Chili Fish Fillet and the red rice tastes even better than brown rice!  

Pancit Canton was just okay, it helps fill the tummy but if you are looking for that greasy goodness noodles, you won't!  Healthy nga kasi eh :D

As for dinner, I really enjoy the Spicy Chili Beef Strips!  It wasn't as chili as I would imagine but I"m glad they didn't go beyond the "chili" factor, I wonder how would a non-spicy food eater react right?  

Kudos!  Day 2 was even better than Day 1!

Day 3

I had an extremely busy day that day with early workshop/training.  I had a bit of the Sundried Tomato Spaghettini, I wanted more but I was on a rush for workshop so I left half for my husband.  It was the best tasting "diet spaghetti" I've tried!  It looks "blah" but it has all the right flavors infused to it.  

Again, skipped Mango Crepe and unfortunately, lunch!  It was a half day training and we had lunch in a restaurant with the brand people.  But, I was able to try the Eggplant Parmegiana and true enough to what Shen said over her IG account, it tastes so much like Lasagna!  Super yummy!

I love Corn Kernel and I can get away without the cheese, then I had a cup of coffee again.

Dinner was good!  Not the usually Buffalo Chicken taste but good enough! 

Day 4
 Day 4 was one of my favorite!  I like all the meals sent my way but I Love the breakfast!  It really doesn't taste like any "low cal" food because I had a good fix of my favorite Vigan Longganisa and Garlic rice!

Baked Macaroni was a bit bland so I was literally daydreaming about Sundried Tomato Spaghettini which I had earlier.

Crispy Seafood Salad with Pomelo and Thai Vinigrette Dressing has a bit of kick (spice).  I find this is the most "non-filling" lunch out of all the "lunch meals" I've tried.

Banana as snack may not be enough to some of you but I like it and I'm okay with it.

Dinner was really nice!  I wish I switched it to lunch instead so I won't be left hungry! 

Day 5

Day 5 is the last low-calorie meals I had for the week and I am really enjoying every single bite.  Smoked Salmon and Roasted Veggie Wrap doesn't have much salmon in it but mostly veggies!  So for someone who isn't a heavy breakfast eater, I can finish it without any problems.

Palitaw tastes AMAZING!  I really want more after having just 1 slice!  The sesame seeds made it really tasty and flavorful.  I am surprised they included this because I believe they get spoiled easily!  Thankfully, mine didn't!

Creamy Seafood and Pesto Spiral has a hint of Pesto taste but none of the oiliness.  I find it a bit bland for my taste but good enough to eat!

Dumplings for snack is quite unique.  I find 1 is enough and is quite filling considering how big it is.

Dinner was Chinese Style Chicken with gravy.  I am surprised that just a few pieces of white meat is enough to make me feel full and contented.

Overall, I didn't go really strict with the low calorie meals!  But after giving Fit Food Manila a try, I would say, these low calorie meals definitely do not feel like they are the healthy meals!  I would give them a go for another week or 2 or probably months if I can!  Because they are surprisingly filling, some dishes are really tasty (even better than restaurant food!)  and the surprise of seeing what's on your menu is really fun!

I highly recommend Fit Food Manila for healthy food delivery but if you have large appetite, you have to brace yourself and stay strong! :D

P.S. Sorry I can't remove Coffee in my diet, I just can't! :D

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I surprisingly didn't feel like I lack energy and I actually feel light and energetic!

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  1. I'm not against healthy food, I like all food naman.... and honestly this all looks so appetizing. what a bad time to read about it! (hello midnight na, too late to eat :))

    1. hahahah you should love all food, kasi ang slim mo! you can eat ANYTHING!! :D

  2. I wish I could eat anything I want but right now I am on my diet. So no fast food, no late deliveries. I need to lose all these fats in my body. LOL. I have been checking out food reviews for healthy food deliveries and I think your post Ms. Nikki is the most appetizing I found. I might try it soon! (if the budget will allow) So far, I am trying out the Military diet.

  3. Agree! Since the meals are preplanned, it is easy for us to determine the exact number of calories consumed. Which ca be helpful also like us trying to lose weight and have a healthy diet at the same time.


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