Saturday, July 18, 2015

#PlayForReal with AskMeMom and #KyleNash

What my brother told me, when I was a baby, my mom just leaves me inside the "wooden crib", without any toys, with just a single bear that I hold on to.  

I was the youngest child, with 3 toddlers running around the house without any househelp (yaya), I don't feel bad anymore that I don't have the much-needed attention most babies or toddlers get nowadays!  

You know why?  Because I grew up to be very creative with my existing resources, talent and time.  I may not be the top of the class or the best of the best but I know I've created a tiny spot in this big world.  

I'm sharing this mini  tidbit about myself because over a month ago, I got an invite to #PlayForReal with Johnson's.  Unfortunately, because of my extremely busy schedule with works here and there, I didn't make it.  But Johnson's Baby Philippines was kind enough to send me this set and I got to understand what they are trying to tell moms today.

Creating fun experiences with your kiddos using their sensory organs.  Again, I'm not implying that electronic devices are bad, they aren't!  They are really helpful with my son's learning, but I highly recommend adding the "old school" learning of getting down to your knees using your hands to get dirty! 

That's why you would understand why our living room look like a kid's playground when you visit us.

Some activities I highly recommend that works for my son that would probably work for you ---

  • Drawing shapes using crayons and asking him/her to help you out in picking the right shades.
  • Purchasing various shapes and textures from National bookstore --- Kyle loves feeling each shape as you supplement some words like "yellow circle" "shiny star", etc...
  • PlayDoh time!  My son loves seeing me create various shapes, letters and numbers using colorful PlayDohs!  
  • Let him touch 2 bottles --- one filled with warm and the other filled with cold water.  I teach him opposite words like warm and cool, hot or cold, tall and short, etc... while giving him virtual samples.
  • Blow bubbles --- Kyle LOVES this activity so much he shouts "BUB-OL"!  We even found a nice place to go to --- at Blue Bay Macapagal Avenue as he freely runs around chasing HUGE bubbles created by other families!  
  • Guess my drawing game!  I like to use my "magnetic board" and draw various shapes, letters, numbers, fruits, vegetables, animals as he tries to guess what I'm trying to draw.  I am surprised how my son can understand mommy's drawings.
I can go on and on and on with these activities wherein both you and your angel can be imaginative while having fun!  Always keep in mind in every activities you do is to give him time to think, appreciate and enjoy all these fun learning experiences!

Thank you Johnson's Philippines for the reminder to #PlayForReal  I find this to best bonding time between me and my son!

Any other fun activities you do with your son/daughter you would like to share?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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