Friday, July 3, 2015

Michael Kors Fragrance and Beauty Collection Launch

You know how it is when you read international blogs and you see them blog about brands that you wish were available here?

Michael Kors is one!  Don't get me wrong, I love their fashion line, especially their watch!  BUT, just like Tory Burch, I wish I could get hold of their makeup, fragrance and nail polish line because, fashion brands who venture into makeup can really come up with unique collection --- because they understand women quite well!

And I'm so happy to say, they are HERE! That's why you are seeing this post!  Oh, can I just say that GOLD works for my skin tone so the packaging deserves 2 thumbs and 2 toes up from me!

During the launch, I got to know about both the Beauty Collection and Fragrance Collection  Here you have Michael Kors' Philippines Brand Coordinator Kimi welcoming the guests.

Michael Kors came up with not 1 but 3 fragrances to represent each of the Michael Kors woman's changing moods.

L-R Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber and Glam Jasmine

  • SPORTY CITRUS - my favorite scent out of the three.  With mandarin and orange at the forefront while warm woods and white florals linger in the background.  No wonder I chose a citrusy scent (which I seldom do) because of the floral background!  This scent is perfect for casual woman who puts herself together with polished ease while having fun doing so! 
  • SEXY AMBER - Sumptuous amber wrapped in sandalwood and musk against a bright backdrop of dazzling orange, mandarin and white florals.  The strongest scent out of the 3.  The scent express undeniable pleasure and instant sex appeal.
  • GLAM JASMINE - high with floral note, jasmine, while warm woodsy notes and sparkling citrus are less prominent.  I call this scent FLORAL scent to the nth power!  The scent reminds me so much of my mom's favorite Jasmine Oil scent!  The fragrance, I can tell, is overly feminine designed for women who like turning heads!  
Then, there are the Beauty Collection.  And what I like about this collection is that, it is also divided in 3 types of Michael Kors women.

DIVA Lip Lacquer (Php1,500.00) is a univerally flattering peachy nude.
MUSE Lip Luster (Php1,450.00) is a blush-toned nude gloss with extra shine.  
HINT Nail Lacquer (Php950.00) perfects the luminous taupe nail.
GOSSIP Nail Lacquer  (Php950.00) is a milky, dimensional white.
GLOW Bronze Powder (Php2,350.00) lights up the skin with a natural, tawny sheen.

Any woman starting out on makeup who aren't comfortable with colors can pick this collection as their "Starter Kit".

BOMBSHELL Lip Lacquer (Php1,500.00) is a true blue-based red.
SIREN Lip Luster (Php1,450.00) is a gleaming, glossy red with a dash of electric fuchsia.
SCANDAL Nail Lacquer (Php950.00) is a vibrant fuchsia shade with a subtle metallic fleck.
SENSATION Nail Lacquer (Php950.00) is a scarlet red and high wattage shine.
FLUSH Bronze Powder (Php2,350.00) imparts a shimmering tan with healthy, rosy glow.

This collection may look all too "reddish" on anyone but it's not!  This collection has a mixture of different types of red and a lovely bronze powder (that is my favorite shade out of the 3!)

DAME Lip Lacquer (Php1,500.00) is a deep cabernet with a hint of luscious berry.
ICON Lip Luster (Php1,450.00) is a sleek, chic gloss in a deeper shade of plum and has an edgier appeal.
ENVY Nail Lacquer (Php950.00) warm, extra-dark violet.
DESIRE Nail Lacquer (Php950.00) adds a dose of sheen to deep, ebony brown.
BEAM Bronze Powder (Php2,350.00) creates a luminous, deep coppery glow.

I would say the Bronze powder in this collection is perfect for users with medium to dark skin.  I am in LOVE with all the berry shade because they would look good to almost ANY skin tone and it adds glam to any outfit you wear!  Definitely will pick at least one...or 2 from this collection!

And just when I thought the "overwhelming feel" is over!  I chanced upon their Body Collection! 

The Michael Kors Liquid Shimmer Dry Oil Spray (Php3,650.00) gives a luminous sheen on each spray with the help of tiny golden particles and all-over fragrance.

The Michael Kors After Sun Gelee (Php2,050.00) can help sooth over-heated or salt-parched skin with cool, deep hydration.  This also has a hint of fragrance perfect for the beach babes!

Then I saw the wonderful Shimmer Bath Beads (Php2,400.00).  This luxe little beads dissolve to leave a shimmering veil of gold on top of your bath water!

Then the luxurious Michael Kors Indulgent Body Creme (Php3,850.00) provides not only a rich fragrance but lasting moisture.  The texture of this body cream is rich, emollient and blends easily into the skin without the greasy touch!

Nail Lacquers all together!

Do check out the Michael Kors boutique located at BHS Central to learn more about their Makeup, Fragrance and Body Collection.  There are more I think that I missed because everyone was trying out their testers!  I had so much fun learning about the brand and seeing the products in real life!

Nikki and Angela

With Jill Baysa of Michael Kors

Congratulations Team Michael Kors PH for the lovely event and launch!
Which particular product or line from Michael Kors are you eyeing for?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


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    1. super nice no? pero when I get it siguro I won't bear to use it! so pretty to look at

  2. They look so nice! :) Aahhh so tempting!

  3. Where are the branches of Michael Kors in Manila? :)

    1. Hi Sis, only Bonifacio High Street Central for now! At Fort Bonifacio :D

  4. Hi Ms Nikki, do you notice if Michael Kors here in the Philippines has fashion wear for men?


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