Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mid-Year Gift-Giving Ideas

Hi AMW friends!  You are probably surprised seeing this Mid-Year Gift-Giving ideas.  It's not even Christmas and it's not even a countdown to Christmas.

Well, why not?  I realized, we don't need holidays to be generous!  I am a strong believer of making people who matters to you happy anytime of the day!  And of course, doing good deed (non-material thing) is priceless but sometimes, it would help to give some material things that you think would matter to the receiver!  And after looking at the products inside my home, I can't help but think of the people who would appreciate these thus came the blog post: "Mid-Year Gift-Giving Ideas".  

And as always, feel free to add the list so we can all share gift-giving ideas and how it can make anyone's day extra special!

For the Hair Lovers
Me!  And probably you?  My big sister too!  My favorite gift-giving guide for hair loving friends are "Hair Treatment".  Deep conditioning treatment as inexpensive as those from Watson's (Buy 1 Take 1 offer) or as pricey as those from Kerastase.  It really depends on my budget.  But on days you just want to say: "Just because I thought of you", a simple shampoo and conditioner combination could be a deal breaker!  I would happily accept a shampoo and conditioner set just like the ones I recently received.  It actually made my day because I may have bouncy hair every time you see me, it took me some time to reach to that "level of bounciness"!  With the help of my trustee flat iron or curling iron!  

And on days I don't have time, I may gift this shampoo and conditioner a try from Dove.  

The Dove Oxygen and Nourishment Solutions
This pair is said to address our #FlatHairProblems so I can't wait to give this a try!

Then there are the hair lovers out there who loves to color their hair!  My favorite gift to these type of color-my-own-hair friends?  DIY At Home Hair Color Treatment.  One of my favorite brand as old readers would know is the Revlon Colorstay!  I've used those so many times I can't seem to keep track how many boxes I've consumed!  

Recently, I learned that there is a more "fashionable" way to color your hair at the comfort of your home!  The new L'Oreal Paris Excellence Fashion.  This collection comes with 6 shades --- Intense Violet Brown, Ashy Nude Brown, Intense Copper Brown, Golden Nude Brown, Intense Lustrous Aubrun and Intense Golden Auburn. 

What's the difference between this and your old trustee hair color kit?  These are said to have Triple Care System, Hi-Lift and Hi-Shine Complex.  So I believe the colors are more vibrant and high shine as compared to regular "Blah" color.
Priced at Php495.00 at Watsons Nationwide

For the Nail Polish Lovers

Okay, one of the most well-loved brands and my first polish brand ever is Caronia!  What I like about this brand is the fact that they are inexpensive and they deliver!  Caronia is coming up with more vibrant shades and the quality of the polishes are more opaque than ever!

Add on to their line of Nail Polish Remover, Cuticle Sanitizer (my favorite as they now come with brush as opposed to the *ahem* 90s), Cuticle Remover and Fast-Dry Top Coat.

I know summer is over but who can say no to their Shades of Summer Collection?  Though it may start to rain nowadays, I believe these Summer Collection shades are still available in local beauty stores near you.

And if you don't mind me do a shameless plug, my ALL-TIME local favorite brand GirlStuff is coming up not only with better, but safe polishes!  PLEASE purchase and support AskMeWhats polish shade (pink) and my co-blogger polish shades called Strutting on Sunshine, Go Jackie Go and Topaz Horizon!  Please add in the Quick Dry coat which is AMAZEBALLS!!!! (Best to date, no joke!) and their newest addition called Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover.  It smells so good and it delivers!  None of those white film left after nail polish removal!  I promise you!

And yes, the bloggers are posing for you! :D

For the Body Loving Receivers
If the receiver loves body creams or moisturizer like my mom!  You can never go wrong with Jergens!

Years ago when I was in Highschool, my dad would purchase several huge sizes of Jergens Lotion as gifts for his female friends!  I don't get it that time but now that I'm older, I understand why everyone loves him!  #lol  

My mom is actually a Jergens lotion user and it helps heel her extremely dry legs from wearing medical stockings!

And if that body loving friend of yours is a mom!  You may go for Gentle Baby Body Lotion as gifts because personally speaking, I appreciate gifts that are safe for babies to use!  You may also throw in Baby Shampoo, Baby Wash and Diaper Rash Remedy and Prevention creams!  I have been using Grandma El's products for a year now (on and off) and all I can say is that you'll definitely give and receive one of the best gift for your angels because these are extremely good!  I've done reviews on some of the products HERE.

Available at FB: Grandma El's PH and IG: Borderlessexchange

For the Skincare-loving guys and gals
Whenever I meet up randomly with friends, I always share to them my "masks" discovery!  I know a lot of us do not include facial masks as part of our skincare routine but PLEASE DO!  I have been a strong believer of using facial masks at least once a week especially for busy moms like me who tend to skip skincare regimen at times of extremely tiredness and TARDINESS!  #lol

Whenever I need some instant-boost for my tired, dry and sallow skin, I reach out to one of my favorite brand called Leaders Insolution.

Each mask costs around Php100.00-125.00.00
And so far, my favorite variant is the Vita Bright one because it really helps keep my skin hydrated and really glowing the next morning when I wake up no matter how less of a sleep I get!

Or you may add in some skincare products from The Body Shop!  My most recent discovery after Tea Tree Oil?  Their Vitamin E line!

My ultimate favorite from this line is the Vitamin E Eyes Cube (Php795.00).  This product can help instantly revives and refresh the eye area and so far, it is safe to use even on sensitive eyes!  And don't you think it is just too cute to give your friends some "Eyes Cube" on a rough day?

For makeup lovers who has enough makeup
Well who can get enough of the colored Cream Shadows?  I can never get enough of these because these works on our crazy humid weather!

The Maybelline Color Ink and Color Tattoos are amazing in terms of quality and longevity!  It stays the whole day on my droopy lids with no issues so this works to be worn alone or as eyeshadow base!

And these are 3 of my newly discovered shades and I wnt more!

And if you have the budget and maybe, you are gifting these to people who really matters to you!  You can NEVER go wrong with gift of fragrance!  I am one collector of scents and seeing these gorgeous bottles on my vanity can uplift even my worst mood!

And here are just some of my new "Scent-discoveries".

For the Young and Young-at-Heart Recipient
Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT
Php2,450 for 30ml
Php3,250 for 50ml
Php3,950 for 75ml

The bottle screams irresistible, magical and fantastical!  Just by looking at the packaging reminds me of my good old prom days!  Those days when I was waiting for my date to pick me up as I get those crazy butterflies inside my stomach!

The scent is more of fruity, fresh and young!  Imagine the combination of sparkling lemon, summery melon, velvety tagete and soft apricot scented.  I call this the Fairy's scent!

For the Simple Men and Women in our lives who are always there for us
Bvlgari fragrances are obvious choice!  I always tell my loved ones how I want them to feel the luxury of having a scent that is luxurious and classy.  And if you haven't owned any of the Bvlgari scents, you should!  I still have my Bvlgari Omnia and loved it to bits!  I can't wait to try the newest line for Men and Women perfect for daily use.

The Bvlgari scent I recently own is called Eau de Parfum The Bleu --- inspired by Oolong Tea.  A fragrance with unique shade of teal with floral notes namely --- lavender, violets, iris flowers and musk.  The scent has this sense of calm and serenity!  Imagine the sea....

The new line comes in Eau de Parfum the Bleu, Eau de Parfum The Blanc, Eau de Parfum The Rouge and Eau de Parfum The Vert.  They are priced at Php4,710.00 for 75ml each.

Lastly, a Fragrance gift for the Strong-willed Working Women

Emozione Eau De Parfum
by Salvatore Ferrragamo
Php5,250.00 for 50ml
Php7,400 for 92ml
You know how it is so difficult to make a successful woman who almost can get anything she wants a gift?  Well, I always have problems like that because I have a lot of friends like that!  

So a fragrance thast is housed in a very feminine bottle yet classy will always be a "plus points".  

The newest fragrance from Salvatore Ferragamo combines feminine floral bouquets with woody texture.  With a sniff, you can definitely call this a floral scent but lingering after application is a "musky" scent.  

There is definitely a hint of "class" in each whiff so if you have the budget and the person (a.k.a. the woman you are courting) is very special, you may save up for this and make someone extremely happy! 

Can you add up to my "Just because I love you" Mid-year Gift-Giving Ideas?
Maybe something you recently chanced upon when you walk around the mall?
Or a gift you recently received that made your day?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The Bulgari one seems nice. :)

  2. Bongga talaga magbigay ng set ng product. I remember always going back to TBS for the sets especially during holiday season!

    I personally love the new Dove hair care. :)


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