Saturday, July 25, 2015

This Week's New Discovery: Tony Moly and Bohk Toh

You know how some products stay in the "to review" stash for quite some time before I get the chance to try it?  When I finally did, I'll go: "Why didn't I try it sooner?"

It happened to me this week!

Tony Moly Pure Eco Aloe Gel 92%
Php379.00 (approx $8.60)
Truth be told, I originally thought this product was meant for hair!  Come on, don't give me that look!  ALOE and packaged in a huge TUB?  That screams HAIR TREATMENT!

So the blogger in me went online and researched on how to use, because I can't seem to read the instructions at the back because of the clear packaging and small print.  After realizing this is a body lotion meant to be used to hydrate your skin especially on hot and humid weather, I went for it!

It was night time before I went to sleep, I took a quick shower and applied this product all over my arms, legs and feet!  The first feel was a bit too much and gooey!  Then once I went out of the shower, I felt refreshed, and the sticky feel was completely gone!  I was left with literally soft, smooth skin!  

Overall, I'm done with just 1/4 of the tub so I may have to go on using this and will report back and update this post if there's any changes.  But so far, no allergic reactions and even the driest part of my feet felt amazing the next day!  Oh, will share about my foot gadget discovery SOON!  I promise you, it is AMAZE-balls!

Then a couple of weeks ago, the owner of Nippon Esthetic Solutions who is also a good friend sent me a KIT that made me smile!  I'm so happy she always remembers how important hygiene is for me and how she constantly shower me with gift of "OC-ness"!

I'm so happy to have extra stash of the Nippon Makeup Remover Lotion in big and small sizes!  She added Nippon's newest product Facial Patting Cotton, Facial Cotton Cloth and another discovery for the week ----

My love for Bohk Toh Lashes!  I've used Bohk Toh lashes in my previous photo-torial . Then I got more styles to try and I was totally hooked on how comfortable and natural-looking these lashes are!  No wonder fellow makeup artists are now using Bohk Toh lashes for their clients (models, actresses, etc..).  As for me, I can't wait to include these lashes in my "bridal kit" because they are definitely comfortable enough for a full day use.

Fellow makeup junkies, 
what is your beauty discovery this week?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i read a lot of review about that aloe gel ms nikki it was their best seller daw


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