Wednesday, August 12, 2015

AMW Reviews: Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Foot File

Can I tell you my ultimate secret?
I may seem confident showing everyone on my blog my barefaced but when it comes to my feet, I kinda shy away not showing them as much as possible!  

It all started when we moved to a new home and we had the whole living room turned into a play area for my son!  With play mats taking 3/4 of the living room space, I always find myself running around barefoot!  Obviously, I can't seem to apply any foot lotion because I don't want to slip (yes, I love my back) and my other reason, I don't want my son licking lotion from the mat!  (Yes, he is now on the lick-the-mat-and-see-how-it-tastes-like stage!)

So after a year of constant running around without much TLC for my feet, it turned extremely dry, dirty and .... embarrassingly ugly :( 

It was a wake up call for me when I saw my once sexy feet turned old and dirty looking :(  I am NOT joking when I say it looks dirty no matter how many times I scrub them with a loofah!

To deal with this situation and before my feet situation turned uglier by the day, I bought foot scrubs, foot scrubbing tools and a lot more!  After a month of trying, my feet-situation didn't worsen but the problem didn't go away!  It remained dry, full of lines and dark especially at the heel area.

You can't imagine it right?  I'll show you, but please make sure you are not in any way, eating or thinking about food!  *laughs*

Nothing wrong right?  Well, check the "heel" area, that area gave me the most headache for almost a year now!

DISCLAIMER: My feet are EXTREMELY Clean, I wash them and wipe them with wet cloth so many times a day I can't seem to track anymore!

As much as I wanted to go out for a foot spa, there are so many reasons I can't!  Number 1, I need to ask my mom-in-law to look after my son every time I go out so I felt embarrassed (and guilty) to ask her to look after my son as I stay out to prettify myself.  And secondly, haven't you seen the photo?  It was an embarrassing foot situation!  And if I may have to add, I once went to a salon event and we were all given the chance to have manicure and pedicure services done.  I gave the latter service a skip due to so much embarrassment on my heels! 

Then, it was God's gift for me when I was sent the Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi.  What it is?
It is an Electronic Foot File.

I've known the brand Scholl for decades now.  I used to purchase Scholl products as gift for my mom who has heel issues like I do!  From their Cracked Heel Repair Cream to Party Feet Gel Cushions, I knew this is the brand to trust when it comes to "feet issues".

So even without doing much research about the product I will try (I usually do deep research by the way on any products before I use!)  I gave this product a go the night I received it!

Since this is called an "Electric Foot File", it obviously needs batteries and you only need 4 Double AAs batteries.  You don't have to worry about buying a set of batteries as the package already comes with the batteries needed.

Without reading instructions,  the Scholl Express Pedi s easy to use even for Dummies like me when it comes to gadget!

Just remove the protective cover before use and ensure the roller head is securely attached.

Then with just one twist on the silver ring, it goes on and you'll hear and feel the vibration. 

 Just to make sure, I did a quick peek on the packaging and finally read instructions!  This gadget is supposed to be used on a dry skin!  And another tip that I got from the instructions is never press hard but I don't have to worry on that because the gadget automatically stops when you press hard!

And for you my dear readers who have the same issue as I do, I actually documented everything on my first use!

I started out gently massaging the Scholl Express Pedi on the heel area not going beyond 4 seconds on "each area".  I move the roller around and I can literally see dead skin flying everything!  Even Mr. AMW was amazed on how much skin was sloughed off!

After I felt the heel area smooth and I'm quite happy with the result, I went ahead massaging the roller on the "big toe mound" area (the ball right below the big toe where you see callosites).

 L- Before, R- After first use of Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - Electronic Foot File

I encircled my problematic part and see how it looks just after first use.

 2nd Before and After Photo

Top Circle: As you can see, the dry flakes were gone and the after photo looks smoother and fairer.
Middle Circle: The dry lines were lessened.
Bottom circle: Not only did my heels appear smoother, the dark spots from friction were also highly reduced!  You can still see dry lines but I'm giving this a skip because this is just my first usage.

AMW says ---
  • I like how easy it is to hold the product on every use.  The rubber handle makes it easy to hold.
  • The Roller Head is easy to remove with just one "click" and easy to put back.
  • Very easy to clean after every use.
  • Not painful at all!  I think because of the specially-designed Micralumina roller head that is gentle even if it was hardcore on dead skin!
  • You see instant result!  Pictures say it all! 
  • My feet feels soft and looks beautiful with just 1 use!
  • Saves a lot of money after a long run!  (No need to go out and pay for foot spa!)
  • You don't have to worry about throwing the whole product if the roller head isn't effective anymore as Scholl sells Roller Head by twos. 

It is highly recommended to apply your favorite foot cream and wear socks before you go to sleep!  I was actually extremely excited to wake up and check my "feet situation" the next morning!  True enough, it wasn't a dream!  My feet are getting back to life! My feet feels like what it used to be when I was a teenager! I am so happy with this invention!

AMW wears Happy Socks every night! This gives me inspiration to hang on :P

So far, I am still using this gadget approximately 4-5 times now since my first usage!  I am very excited to share more about my "ugly feet" journey if you want to know more updates about this gadget!

I did mentioned I didn't read instructions before using it, just to prove how easy it is to use!  But just so you know, it is HIGHLY recommended to read instructions because it is nice to know that you need to do the ff when you own this nifty gadget:
    • For use on feet only.  As much as I LOVE this product so much and is tempted to use it on other parts of my body, I'm so glad I didn't!
    • Use only on DRY skin.  (Never wet!)
    • Do not leave the gadget on one area on more than 4 seconds.  Try to move around the gadget with a circular motion!
    • Stop use immediately if signs of irritations or pain occur.  Again, I may not feel anything but some of you may have extremely sensitive feet!
    • This product is not meant to be used by a diabetic or people with poor blood circulation.  Sorry mama!  You can't use this!
    • And lastly, do not try to save and use other "heads".  Use only Microlumina Roller Heads by Scholl.
    Scholl priced at Php1,685.00 with batteries included and 2 refills priced at Php550.00 available at Selected Watsons Stores.  For more information, visit

    Overall, the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File deserves a THUMBS UP for doing a great job making my feet pretty again!

    Do you think Scholl Velvet Smooth Express Pedi - Electronic Foot File is interesting for you to use?
    Please tell me you still love me after seeing my ugly feet! Pretty please? :P

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    (Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


    1. Thank you for this post, my feet is the least I get concerned about lalo na nung pregnant ako last year. Same as you, I don't put lotion kasi may times na nahahawakan ni lo yung paa ko while playtime. So now upon reading your post, napatingin ako sa paa ko, yuck lols. As in super dry and ang daming kalyo heheh. Gusto ko tuloy itry yang Scholl Foot File.

      I still <3 you Ms. Nikki :)

      1. awww so sweet! thanks for the love! I felt so much better! :D

    2. I still love you Nikki despite your "ugly" feet!
      I thought this product is only for those who love foot spa, but the effects! I want one for myself and my sister. Hehe..

      1. hahah thanks for loving me! SNIFF!! Pa hug nga! :D

        Yes sis, the effect is amazing!

    3. The results look great! Parang bumata talaga yung paa mo :)) Do you think this would work on daddy feet? Parang pwedeng pang Christmas gift to

      1. As long as your daddy do not have poor blood circulation or he isn't diabetic! it is a wonderful gift talaga!

    4. I just recently got this because of this post and with just one use I am already in love with it. I will definitely be getting my moneys worth out of this


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