Thursday, August 13, 2015

How To: Wear Pastel Makeup (and not look like a trying-hard-teenager)

If you are reading this post, the title probably caught your attention! :P  
Before you go pointing fingers at me saying I'm trying so hard to look young, well, I'm not! :)  I just have a pastel colored eye shadows that I haven't touched and it's high time I use it and share to my readers who may be a bit beyond 30s (like me...ahem!  Okay, I'm waay beyond 30) and would like to know how to use pastel colored eye shadow without looking like a trying-hard full-blown adult woman trying hard to look like a teenager!

I hope not me! :P

First off...when you plan to wear pastel-colored eye shadow, it is very important to keep the rest of your face clean yet very simple!  Thus, I highly recommend to skip that full coverage foundation and let your skin breathe!  I opted for just a moisturizer, spot conceal key areas like my under eye circles, some redness around my nose and cheeks and set with a powder.

In this step, feel free to mix your favorite face primer like oil-control primer or brightening brighter to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy all day!

I will skip brow tutorial as I've done quite a number!  I just filled my brows using brow powder keeping it very natural yet full, keep in mind --- full brows = Younger vibe!

Pastel colored eye shadows are quite difficult to work with!  Most of them aren't as pigmented and they always look dirty as your skin may peek through!  Instead of using just plain eye primer, I like to use a nice cream shadow base to create a more vibrant effect!  I picked Make Up For Ever Aqua Matic in ME-50.  It is more of a neutral champagne-brown shade that would help tone down the brightness of any pastel-colored shadows you own.

IF you are comfortable wearing bright-colored shadows at any age, feel free to use a bright eye shadow base to intensify the brightness of the eye shadow you will use later!  I am doing this toned down version for users who aren't comfortable wearing bright-colored eye makeup.

I picked my new Emilio De La Morena by ARTDECO palette which contains all pastel shades!

Went for the baby sparkly pink shadow in shade 95A, with a fluffy shadow brush, gently pat the shadow all over the lid to "set" the cream shadow applied earlier. 

Using a pencil brush and the shade 81, which is a purplish blue colored shadow, I used this as my "transition" color and apply mostly on the crease going a bit beyond.

I also applied the same shade of shadow on the outer corner of the lower lash line. 

 Since pastel colored shadows are quite difficult to work with, I always like to use 1 dark shadow to help create dimension on my overall look.  Used Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow In Black, pick a shadow with the same texture as that of the pastel colored shadows used earlier.


 Now on to the liner!  When it comes to wearing pastel makeup, it is time to skip those harsh-looking liners!  No dark browns or blacks!  Instead, I used Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner in Beyond Green. 


 Load those lashes with your favorite mascara!  I am aiming for volume instead of length!  So I went for Maybelline Hyper Curl Volum' Express trustee mascara to keep my curls UP and lashes looking full.

When it comes to pastel-colored shadow, keep the rest of your face simple and that explains why I didn't go for face contouring here!  Instead, pick a blush that would double up as a face color and adds dimension as well!  My pick?  The Benefit Box O' Powder in Rockateur!  The shade is perfect for my skin tone because it has this bronze-y, fresh from the sun feel !

I try to keep the lip color the same as the cheek color at this stage because I think I've used enough colors for the day!  Younger crowd may opt for bright-colored lips!  As for me, I prefer to keep it plain and simple with Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Power Pout Moisturizing Lip Lacquer in Strong & Sexy.

Now that's me trying to look young in a very subtle way!

 I hope I succeed!

Share to me how you would play up a pastel-colored shadow shades!
How To Wear Pastel Makeup (and not look like a trying-hard-teenager)

Comment below so everyone can have fun exchanging ideas! :D

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Thanks for this Nikki, you look indeed very young and beautiful! I can't wait to try this look myself! More tutorials please!

    1. Thanks, will try to do more tutorials :) any request?

  2. I agree, pastel shadows look a bit dirty for some. I thought it's only me that I can't make a pastel eyeshadow work. What I usually just do is swipe one color on my lids and that's it. I'm scared of looking pa-bagets!

    1. You made me smile with your term Pa-bagets! I felt that when I did this look but hey, who cares? Pabagets naman tayo once in awhile! basta wag everyday :P hehehe

  3. I'm a bit hesitant to rock pastel colors as 1) I don't exactly know which shade will look good on the other and 2) it draws so much attention that I get conscious when someone looks at me. With that, I always tend to pick neutrals. I just need to pick the right shade lang pala to neutralize the pastel color. Thanks, Miss Nikki! :)

  4. Looks great on you! I'll finally be able to use those teeny bopper shades that they always sneak in on the bigger palettes :))

  5. Hard nga to use pastels. I usually go for the neutrals. Better not to buy palettes hehe :) thanks for the tips, I will try but I can't promise to go out wearing it though!

  6. Even if you don't say it po you still look like a 20-yr old gal! haha.. really not trying hard maybe because you're chinita po.. Love the pastel shades. I tried doing it with a primer and by spritzing on water to the shadow making it creamier. Mas naging strong yung look and mas makapit po. For pastels the best pa rin po yung etude house eyeshadows.. so cute (^....^)


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