Saturday, August 8, 2015

KidZania in Manila!

Hi Fellow Mommies!
You're probably as excited as I am to know that KidZania is finally here in Manila!  To those who don't know what KidZania is all about, well, it is a city designed especially for children aged 4-14 years old.  A place where kids can explore, understand the world of grown-ups.  A pretend place on whatever profession they had in mind!

I have to admit, I wished we had this when I was young!  I have my own big blackboard (the ones from restaurants where they write their menu) and my mom would buy me boxes of chalk (thanks Mom for being so supportive!)  I love to play Teacher and teach my imaginary students (the dolls!)  Who would've thought I may not be a Teacher in profession but I fulfilled my childhood dream to be a teacher when I worked as a Business English Professor in China?  And who would've thought I could combine both my dreams and passion and have been teaching makeup professionally too?  

That's why I highly recommend parents to bring their kids at KidZania Manila, it may be a playtime for them today but it will leave them a lasting good memory for them when they grow older!  Just like my mini "KidZania"-land back home.

So back to KidZania!  Thanks to fellow blogger for extending the invite to us mommy bloggers!  We get to see KidZania before it officially opens to Public at a discounted rate!  Thanks J!

So before I start, this post is FULL OF PHOTOS so I apologize if it crashes your computer!  #IamSorry :P  But keep in mind too that I'm taking with me a 2 year old which means, he is not eligible to enter different work areas!  But that doesn't mean he can't enjoy right?

Once you get into the KidZania World, you feel like you are inside the airport ready for your flight!  You line up like you usually do in an airport and that's where you actually pay for your tickets.

A photo of Kidzania Manila

Thankfully, there are many staffs who will assist you.  


And they all go "Kai!" meaning "Hi" with that hand sign!

After checking in, you get the KidZania City Codes (in short: rules and regulations), a boarding pass and a map.

 And this will greet you upon entering the floor!  Most parents are going to get their "Passport", which I highly recommend you do it too!  You'll get discounts and KidZos (KidZanian currency).

But since I know my son will have his nap time anytime soon!  We decided not to waste time and gave all the lining up a skip!  We were there just to look around, for Kyle to enjoy the ambiance, and maybe play at the Toddler  Rooms.

My son was a bit overwhelmed at first but warms up within 5 minutes!

After this statue, you may plan well with your kids what they plan to do!  My tip though is, you may start on the 2nd level because it isn't that crowded as compared to the first level!  That's how I would do it if I have 4 year old kid!


Kurlz Beauty Salon for the cuties who like to spend some prettifying session after a long day of work!

My favorite BPI ATM Machine!  

The area reminds me so much of Venetian in Macau, must be the "sky-like" roof!

I am quite impressed with the ambiance!  The place is well decorated with ample lightning! 

Signs everywhere!  Though don't be afraid as there are friendly staffs roaming around willing to help!

Healthy Options

Kyle's Favorite National Bookstore!

If I may have to add, the flooring is perfect even for toddlers to walk into!  Kyle didn't have issues with slippery floor!  It was really a perfect and safe place!

Oishi Creative Hub

Mercury Drug

ABS CBN Theater is right at the center.  
On random hours, there will be some dancing on the balcony!  Kids join in too!

Radio Station

And a random mom taking a photo of her kid --- oh that's me!


Where kids can do all the crime investigation!


And of course, it helps to always instill to your kids the power of savings!
Help them open up a bank account!

 Shopping Alley

Kids get to buy things from their hard-earned KidZos

Fake Tattoo Station

Tghe famous Hotel Flamingo where kids can be a firefighter!

They also get to do climbing with adult supervision.

Since Kyle is tired from all the running around on the ground level, we went up to the Toddler's Area!  Mommies, feel free to bring your kids here!  One Adult Per Toddler by the way!  So Mr. AMW had to wait outside! 

Kindergarten ABZ room

Where kids get to write, color and just feel like their in a play school!


 The next door room is my favorite and that's where Kyle stayed the longest!  
Kids who like to play "kitchen" can do cooking, dining and even dishwashing in this area!
They have complete kitchen tools!

Playroom!  In every home, we have a play area for kids!  And this is the best place to be for toddlers or even babies!  The room is filled with shapes, colors and different textured materials!

I'm glad the place is really safe for kids to roam around!  No sharp objects, even the sharp edge of a table is protected!

Bath time! 

Kyle jumped in right away!!!

See how comfortable he is with his bath "bubbles"? 


Kyle Nash sharing his bubble bath with fellow Kiddos!

We played "Cashier".

And Kyle found the love of his life --- Kitchen table!  He stood there for the longest time!  He must be a future CHEF!

 Overview from the top floor



Urban Green
For the kids with green thumb!

Hospital and McDonalds, just in case kids and adults get hungry!

The Club House for now is just a place where you can sit and dine or just chill.

Yellow Cab

And More!


 Shell Gas Station

And kids who  knew they have the "need for speed" can go for Honda or...

  get their license.!

Thankfully, each kid and parents get to have this "watch" wherein they can easily track someone who are lost!

After just an hour and a half, it was past nap time for my son so we had to leave!  
The AMW Family bidding goodbye at the Immigation Office of KidZania.

Overall, though we have a 2 year old with us who almost cannot do anything inside the KidZania Land, I find it is still worth bringing them there because it is indeed a visual stimulating experience!  
Though I have to admit, I wished he's older so he can get to enjoy each activity and I can't wait to see his face as he tried different "jobs" and maybe learn a thing or two on how to earn and spend his money well.

Ticket Prices:
Mondays to Thursdays
Infant (1 year old and below) FREE
Toddler (1-3 years old) Php420.00
Child (4-14 y ears old) Php750.00
Adult (15+ years old) Php420.00

Fridays to Sundays (Including Legal Holidays)
 Infant (1 year old and below) FREE
Toddler (1-3 years old) Php550.00
Child (4-14 y ears old) Php1,000.00
Adult (15+ years old) Php550.00

KidZania Manila
Park Triangle, North 11th Avenue 
Bonifacio Global City

Do you have kids?
Will you take them at KidZania?
Which particular area do you think your kids will enjoy?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Saw Animetric's post about Kidzania a few weeks back during her visit to Japan and i remember wishing we have something like that too. And now we have! I can't wait to take my little sister here! I'm sure she'll enjoy it

  2. I have a 4 year old son who always acts as if he's already an adult. I am sure he'll love KidZania! Will plan this soon coz we'll be coming all the way from Bulacan (T_T)


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