Sunday, August 9, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: Mitsuyado Sei-Men + Etude House SM North EDSA Grand Opening

Yesterday was fun!  It was my first ever collaboration with Etude House Philippines and you can see with the smile on my face how Happy I looked and how fun it is to meet the VIP Princesses too!

Seldom will you find me at SM North EDSA because of the difficulties in parking and the traffic in going there!  Yesterday was no exception but it was all worth it after seeing the newest Etude House boutique!  The place was packed and I myself can't help but look around each display area wondering what to target next (yes, even I wanted to shop on spot!)

Blogger friend Marj Sia was there from 2-4pm to give makeovers while I was there for the 4-6pm slot!  I also met 3 AMW readers who joined the contest!

With Andrea of AGC and Marj Sia
Working on a Saturday afternoon with these girls doesn't feel like work at all!  All I remembered was a couple of mascara mess up and loads of laughter!
I want to personally thank the AGC team for being so helpful and for keeping up with my craziness!  You girls know who you are!

If you live within the area, please drop by Etude House SM North EDSA branch, trust me, you can't leave the place without shopping for a thing or two, or even a whole bagful!

Now since today is Sunday, I want to share my newfound "Ramen Place" love!  Mitsuyado Sei-Men!  Mr. AMW and I were running around for errands when we chanced upon Makati Branch.  We see this branch a couple of times at Blue Bay Macapagal and promised ourselves to have a date there!

The Makati place was no exception, the interiors take you back to Japan and I love how cozy it feels.

Each corner is photo-worthy I tell you!  If I didn't have an active toddler will me, I'll probably do several poses just for the love of background! :P

For a weekday, the place was quite busy!  I can see people enjoying their orders so Mr. AMW and I can't wait!

Coke for Mr. AMW and Water for me!  

One of the best Gyoza we've tried in Japanese restaurants.  The "skin" is quite soft and juicy while the meat was really tender and flavorful!  I can eat this even without soy sauce!

Pork Katsu Curry Rice
I was extremely hungry when I looked at the menu and you guys know how much I love curry!  I can't leave the restaurant without trying out their curry dishes so I called on for this dish!  It tastes sooooooooo good I know I'll order this again when I return!  The Pork was extremely tender while the breading was really crunchy!  The curry sauce tastes just right!  Not too bland nor too strong!  I was reminded of my favorite Coco Ichibanya (Shanghai, I haven't tried the one here yet!).   This dish deserves 2 thumbs up!

Char-Siu Ramen
Large: Php430.00
Okay, I underestimated the sizing, I immediately went for Large and it was indeed a "TRUE LARGE SIZED Ramen"!  I was craving for "miso based" noodles so I went for this thinking it would taste like other Char-Siu Ramen I've tried.  Turned out, it was totally different!  I can't say it's not good but it wasn't my favorite either!  You get thick miso-based soup and a huge serving of thick (or thin noodles), corn and a few ground pork!  I will definitely try their other bestsellers because I feel just alright with this!

What made me extremely happy?  The availability of high chair!  Great job Mitsuyado Sei-Men!  Great job!

Mitsuyado Sei-Men
22 Jupiter, Makati Metro Manila
Tel. No: 632-511-1390

This week turned out really well and I"m looking forward for another great week!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I think Pink's not your favorite color po. hahaha.. nice ineriors para ka talagang nasa isang Japanese "ramen village!" SUGOI desu ne?! (^.....^)

    1. di naman! hahaha well, i went for the color of Etude House that day :D


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