Friday, August 28, 2015

Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot

Way before I became Kyle's mommy, I already consider myself a "mom" when I owned a pet.  The first time I took care of a pet is back when I was working in China.  A Dutch colleague planned a month-long vacation back in his hometown with his girlfriend and they have no one to leave their pet "Tee-Tee".  As I was jogging along the park, my colleague passed by with a bike with "Tee-Tee" sitting prettily on the bike basket.

I gave him a pat on his head and he nearly bit me!  (feisty!)  I don't know what my colleague sees in me but he exclaimed: "Can you be his mommy for a month?"  I was like, "Are you crazy?  Didn't you see the dog tried to bite my hand?" 

Fast forward to that "awkward mommy dog" stage which took a week or so, it was hard, yet it was the most fulfilling experience ever!  I treat "Tee-tee" like my own son and I literally had to run all the way home and rush up 6 flights of stairs holding with me canned Dog Food just because I missed him so much and I'm so scared he gets lonely!  We had our fair share of strolling along the park without leash and we instantly became best friends!  He sleeps inside my room and waits for me to wake up as I always give him a morning stroll!  I remembered once I got sick and he was just sitting beside me on bed for hours with a look of care and worry on his face!

The joys of owning a pet!  I'm sure fellow pet owners can relate!

One month went by pretty quickly and I had to return him to the couple owner, I was devastated!  I called my mom crying (I never cry over the phone) and I told her how I missed Tee Tee!  My mom, just to console me, promised me I'll get my own dog once I get back home!

And she kept her word!  1 Pomeranian was gifted to me by my uncle and I named her Lucky (indeed, she's a Lucky Angel to us!)  She gave birth to CharChar and Pudding and to cut the story short, I was the one who took care of both dogs!  I wake up an hour every night to feed both "babies". So yes, I had practice so I wasn't at all surprised when Kyle was born!  (those sleepless nights? I'm an expert!)

Due to unfortunate events, Lucky (the mom) and Pudding passed away!  We had to get CharChar a partner so off we got ChinChin (yeah, we love names with double syllable I even call Kyle KyleKyle!)

So yeah, I can go on and on about my love for dogs and how the dogs helped me through homesickness and how they lifted my mom's spirit when she went through depression (story HERE)

So no matter how busy my schedule was, I had to clear it up when I got an invite for a Pet Angel x Purple Groom Shoot.

If Purple Groom sounds familiar, well, it should be!  I had my first shoot with them 2+ years ago when I was just pregnant with Kyle!  (story HERE)

Pet Angel on the other hand, I just learned about the brand during the shoot.  These are Fur Detangling Brush that's suitable for most pets because the bristles are firm yet very gentle on both wet and dry coats!  They also have anti-bacterial additives infused into its bristles to kill 99.9% bacteria.  And best of all?  It can ease knots and relax the pets!  You can definitely see it in this photo!  Look at that smile ChinChin!

My mom went along with me during the shoot as I brought 2 dogs (thanks ma!).  If you ask me, I like to have a date with both dogs because I was too caught up being a mommy to Kyle I knew they missed me a lot!  

We had makeover by Inglot Cosmetics!

So funny how Shen and I always get to be together in our blogger events!  She's a wonderful seatmate!

My super simple makeup all thanks to Inglot Cosmetics Philippines!

Charchar well-groomed all thanks to The Purple Groom!
He reminds me so much of BOO now!
(CharChar is 9 years old!)

Chinchin whom I originally thought will be a handful but I was surprised how behaved she was!  She's 3 years old and very demure!

Photographer: Mark Alvarez
 Thanks Kira for helping me take these BTS photos!

Mommy was extremely proud with how professional ChinChin was!  Our shoot was done in no time!

Look how Charchar misses Chinchin!  They immediately kissed upon seeing each other!

And if I may have to add!  All thanks to Marj for providing both my babies with ALPO!  They were extremely hungry after the shoot and it was a long drive back home!  So this was a lifesaver!

P.S. Every time I see this pack, I remember Tiffy! :D

AMW with ChinChin

 I love being a mommy!

Thanks again The Purple Groom, Pet Angel and Inglot Cosmetics.
I am so intrigued with the brush because I see all pets (cats and dogs) getting all relaxed after using it on them!  If you are interested, they are available in selected Browhaus and Strip stores together with Tangle Angel, My Amazing Blowdry Secret and other Cult Favorites products.  For more information, you can visit them on or follow them @TangleAngelPh  @PurpleGroom  

Do you own a pet?
Do you think owning a pet is a nice practice to be a mom or dad?
I believe so!  I've seen how Keith took care of all my pets and true enough, he was a good dad to my pets and even a better dad to Kyle!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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