Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Unsung Hero: Benefit's Play Stick Foundation

I've done so many works for the brand Benefit Cosmetics.  And mind you, I know all their products by heart!  If you ask me, I have a lot of favorites and not-so favorites!  But I realized, there's one Benefit Product I felt didn't get the attention "it" deserves!  I've used this product so many times on shoot and on myself but realized I haven't done any proper review!  So please let me know if this is also the first time you heard about the product!

AMW Wore Her Favorite Benefit Product --- any guesses?
Definitely not hair product though my hair looks darn full in this photo!  *laughs*
A photo of a girl using Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige

It's called the Play Stick Foundation!  

Benefit Play Stick is a cream to powder foundation stick that helps promote a healthy complexion while giving natural-looking coverage. Scribble in any fun shape and blend for a satin-matte finish. With three silky-smooth shades to choose from, there's a play stick to flatter most skin tones! Play sticks are perfect for fast, easy coverage: concealer, foundation and powder all-in-one! --- taken from Benefit Cosmetics website.

a photo of Benefit Play Stick Foundation

If you ask me, I call this my concealer, foundation and instant #goodvibes makeup.

The shade I got is called Spin the Bottle which is also a Light Beige Shade.

A photo of Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige

Same as me, you're probably scared whenever you hear or read "Cream based foundation".  I've tried so many cream foundation and they tend to be drying on my skin!  Not with Benefit's Play Stick!  The consistency is almost the same as my favorite Graftobian foundation.  

As you can see on my swatch photo below, one swipe has enough coverage and it did not settle into my skin's dry lines.

A photo of a swatch of Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige

Because this is a stick foundation, I can easily apply this from the stick/tube directly onto my face!  I do this because this stick foundation is mine and I have backups for professional use which I like to scoop out using makeup spatula!  

On days I don't want to wear much makeup, I apply this under my eye area, sides of my nose and just gently dab with my clean fingers and set with powder and I'm ready to go!

a photo of how to apply Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige
And on days I don't look like a "Goddess" #lol (which is almost NEVER!)  I apply this product all over the face and gently blend out using a damp Beauty Blender.
a photo of how to apply Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige

The Play Stick Foundation has build-able coverage and won't create white cast if you picked the right shade!  It can cover undereye darkness, skin redness and can even lighten up spots and acne marks.

a photo of how to apply Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige

The effect is not completely matte as it gives a healthy satin glow!  Check out my half-face test result.
before and after photo of Benefit Play Stick Foundation in Light Beige

Though the product is said to give a powder finish, I still prefer to dab translucent powder on key areas to keep the shine at bay!  I like to leave my cheeks "dewy" so I skip translucent powder application, instead, apply with a blush on top.  This trick is wonderful because it sets the cheek area at the same time giving a subtle color on my face.

Overall, this is a perfect cream foundation for normal and dry skin!  Extremely oily skin users may need the help of setting powder or oil-control primer!  The feel of this foundation is almost weightless so perfect for any season!  Warm or cool!  

The Benefit Play Stick Foundation is priced at Php1,800.00 (approx $40.90) available at Benefit Cosmetics Boutique nationwide.

I'm so happy I finally shared my love for this particular Benefit Product!
Any Unsung Product Hero you would want to share?  Comment below please!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Love the title! Hehe.
    As for me, I use the maybelline bb stick just as how you used your benefit play stick. I have oily skin so need lng talaga magretouch after lunch. :) would you think benefit would work for oily skin?

    1. I did mention nga above na medyo kulang ang oil-control nito especially if you have oily skin, so I highly suggest to use an oil control primer if you have oily skin.

  2. This reminds me of my current foundation stick which is from Maybelline =) i thought this kind of foundation will be difficult to apply and blend, i want to try this one from Benefit also but Maybelline is much more cheaper alternative =)

    1. I know, I've used the Maybelline stick, this one is different though, pricey nga pero at least it gives something unique and different :D

  3. Uy looks very promising! I like how it lifted your complexion without changing the tone. Super bagay!

    1. yes, my tone definitely didn't change! perfect siya!

  4. I remember using a foundation stick before but then again it's a massive mess. It indeed brightens the skin and hides skin imperfections..if not for the "oily pan.." Pero ang ganda ng hair niyo po ah! ang fluffy (^....^) HAHAHA..


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