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Weekend Staycation at: Discovery Suites Ortigas

Is it possible to be treated like a Royalty in local hotels nowadays?
I used to say, IMPOSSIBLE!  Why?  Because no matter how high the star rating of a hotel is, customer service for me really comes from the heart.  (Coming from a customer service gal!)  I can say I give great customer service in my work because it is in my nature to be extra helpful!  And if staffs in a hotel don't have that, even with proper training, yes, you can still get good customer service but not the exceptional, "with a heart" kind!

And guess what?  I recently found it!  At Discovery Suites, Ortigas.

If you guys follow me on Instagram, you probably know by now how much of a busy gal I am!  On weekends, I'm always out for makeup training, makeup gigs, if I'm not working, I'd be accompanying my mom or dad for check-ups or take Kyle Nash to his Pedia!   

I've been itching to use the gift certificate I got from Discovery Suites for sharing my "Motherhood story".  It was until I flipped through my "Planner" and finally saw ONE WEEKEND Free, I immediately called the hotel and booked for our stay just to get over with the vacation!  (Yeah, I wasn't as excited because there's no vacation being a mommy you know!) 

Prior to arriving to the hotel,  the universe was telling us to really work hard for a vacation!  *laughs*  We had a flat tire and poor Mr. AMW had to change tire right around EDSA!  It was scorching hot and I had a screaming toddler who was cranky because he was extremely sleepy!  Yeah, there goes our vacation!

We arrived the hotel at 4:00pm instead of the "timed" 3:00pm!  We were an hour late and we weren't expecting anything but just to get to wash our hands, change, lift our legs a bit as I feed my son and leave the hotel to take him to a Play Area at Robinson's Galleria.

As soon as we entered the hotel lobby, we were greeted by friendly staffs and registration was a breeze!  Our things (for an overnight, we had 3-4 bags!  lol) were picked by the hotel staff as I sat on a chair trying to regain my energy from achy arms as my son ain't light anymore!  I was immediately offered a bottle of water which refreshed not only my body but heart!  THANK YOU!  I needed that!

Since my son had an hour nap and obviously hungry, I took my chance to ask for high chair and it was a relief to know they can bring a high chair in our room!  YAY! 

CHILD FINALLY LOCKED IN AND SAFE!  I can check out the room!

I immediately spotted fruits and pastries all ready for us to enjoy!  Whew, I was indeed hungry from the trip! 
 Photo of Discovery Suites Ortigas

Then someone knocked at our door and gave me a bouquet of flowers!  Awww, you can now look at the beautiful flowers, not my stressed no make up face!

I was surprised they were able to print out our family photo taken a year ago during Kyle's First Birthday!  They must have done some researching over my FB page!  You guys, thank you! 

See how adorably small Kyle was back then?  Oh, time flew by so quickly!

And my son was having a blast watching his favorite Disney Channel!

Guess the show?

 Then there goes another knock, a welcoming drink was delivered to us!  This is actually a favorite drink of mine from the Discovery Suites!  Mr. AMW who isn't much of a fruit juice drinker gobbled this in no time and said: "SARAP!"  

 Then I looked around the kitchen!  You know how it is when you're a mom!  The kitchen is now one of the most important part of your house because that's where you prepare warm food for your kids!  I was extremely happy to see complete pots and pans, spoon and forks, knives even oven toaster, microwave oven for us to use!

Everything was spotless!  I checked! :D

As Mr. AMW was helping me take photos of the rest of the room, he asked me to join him in the room because look...

Personalized Pillow Casing  and a beautifully designed peacock towels!  Discovery Suites really has eye for details!  

If you wonder if they did all these just because I am a Blogger, you're wrong!  I asked the hotel staffs and they told me they do all these for their VIP guests (guests who are staying long-term in the hotel or returning VIP guests)

The rest of the bedroom!  You also get to take a peek at their shower.

The design of the hotel was not the modern type but what I like is the minimalistic design!  Not much clutter.

 As I fed my son, we've decided to head on to Robinson's Galleria for Kyle to enjoy some Kiddie Time!  As we left the hotel room, we were advised by the hotel staff on the new Play Room located at the 5th floor!  We told ourselves: "Why not check it out before heading to the mall?"

And we ended up staying here for an hour before we met up with my parents!

The Play Room was a 2 bedroom suite transformed into a Kiddie Heaven!  They have toys for girls and boys to play with.  Each rooms used as play area was well-carpeted.

The second room I believe is best for older kids who are accustomed to playing computer games!

The space is quite big so you don't have to worry even if there are a lot of kids around!  Everyone can have a good space of their own.

As for the AMW family, we stayed at the "main area".  I love how they painted the walls in a very colorful manner even my son can't help but read A-Z loudly!  We played some music using our phones and he enjoyed dancing the afternoon away!

And you can also see how the big kids are having fun too! :D

Seesaw, Slide, Play House, Mini-basketball court, your kids will definitely enjoy his stay!

I know my son did!  Look at that face! 

There are also some blocks available for kids to play!  You just have to supervise them especially for the younger ones.

We met up with my family for dinner at Robinson's Galleria, as soon as we arrived the room to call it the night, we received another surprise!

Chocolate Fondue for mommy and daddy!

I'm not a marshmallow person but I went ahead and downed a couple of pieces because their chocolate tastes SUPER GOOD!  

We all had a good night sleep and Kyle slept through the night which was a wonderful gift to us!  We had a lovely Buffet Breakfast at the hotel (sorry didn't get to take photos as my hands are full feeding myself and the kiddo!)

After the yummy breakfast, I was supposed to bathe him but ended up going into the tub with him because he wanted mommy!  :D

Thanks Daddy AMW for capturing this!

We checked out at 12:30nn and stayed at the Play Room again for an hour!  When we were about to leave and thank the staffs for the wonderful service, we were again handed with 2 boxes of pastries for us to take home and enjoy!  

Mr. AMW and I were both physically tired from all the crazy activities we have to do on a daily basis, little does Discovery Suite Ortigas know but that wonderful overnight stay at their hotel lifted our spirits and it was like a virtual pat on our back telling us what a great job we've done to raise our kid!  I know 1 kid is not a lot but it is quite a handful if you have both parents working and one parent doing all the extra side jobs!  

Thank you so much for the great experience, AMW family is actually looking forward to book another Staycation once we needed the "break"! 

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What is your current favorite hotel for a Staycation?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Parang narelax na din ako while reading this post. We should try Discovery Suites soon!

    1. So relaxing talaga! and I'm one person who can't seem to relax!


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