Wednesday, September 2, 2015

ARTDECO Lip Brilliance Gives Me Intense Color and Shine!

Happy Wednesday AMW Friends!  What's your current lip color?  
Today, I will be sharing a new found lipgloss that is packed with shine and COLOR!  Yes, I'm talking about a GLOSS not a STICK!

It is from ARTDECO called Lip Brilliance in shade number 03.  There's no name for this particular line of lipglosses but I would like to call this Intense Orange Red!

You all know how I'm not into glosss, I would pick a lipstick or lip crayon anytime of the day even though you would probably shake your head and say: "Come on Nikki, with your dry lips situation, a gloss is the answer!"  

But, I really dislike it when my hair gets caught into that stick gloss then it would probably transfer on my neck or worst, cheek!  It happened to me so many times I swore I won't go for a gloss unless I'm staying indoors!

But there are always exceptions to the rule!  I like to take this along with me and apply once I get into my destination (wherever it should be) and apply it indoor!  That way, no streaking on my face!

a photo of ARTDECO Lip Brilliance

The ARTDECO Lip Brilliance Lip Gloss contains 5ml of gloss goodness.  It is highly opaque and can cover the dark pigmentation of my lips!  The texture is light and smooth so there's none of those sticky feel some glosses would give!

With a good research online, part of the ingredients are safflower oil, Brazilian Pepper Tree Extract which in combination will induce a sense of well being and good mood.  THAT, I can't tell as I"m always in a mood! :D

The product also comes with encapsulated collagen and Hyaluronic acid which explains why my lips look extremely full!  I highly recommend this to users with thin lips!  This will give you that intense plump lips look in an instant!

The applicator is just like the usual applicators you get in most lipglosses!  Quite firm and easy to use but as always, I advise users to wipe this applicator with a makeup remover wipes to prevent bacteria build up!

As for longevity, this doesn't last as long as I want so reapplication is definitely needed! The shine will be gone after drinking or eating and it may bleed and transfer outside your lip area so feel free to line your lips with a lip pencil to prevent smudging.

ARTDECO Lip Brilliance

ARTDECO Lip Brilliance is priced at Php795.00 (approx $18.00) available at Beauty Bar stores nationwide.  I can't wait to visit the store and pick a "nude colored" version as I like how it made my lips appear less dry and healthy!  Look ma!  No lip lines!

How do you find Shade 03 Lip Brilliance on me?
Will you wear the exact same shade I wore?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the shade suits your skintone well ms nikki!

  2. Well, well, well, this is something worth checking out. So excited about this......


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