Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On Motherhood....after 2.5 years

Taking a break to talk about motherhood.

Yes, I'm on sentimental mood once again!  Kyle just had another "nose-bleeding" episode and I am more calm and in-control now unlike the first time it happened!  Just a bit of background, Kyle has several moments of nosebleeding for the past year!  Now that he's bigger, the bleeding reduced drastically but he still experience it every now and then.  

As I went back to my work table and stare at his sleeping angelic face.  I can't help but tell myself to take a breather as his naptime only takes an hour and a half.  Yes, I knew his schedule by heart because I was the one who imposed it!  I know exactly what time he wakes up, what time he naps, what time he gets to eat his snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner!  I can almost tell the exact time he does number 2.  

Am I a "Hitler" mommy? 

Definitely not, but I"m definitely a strict mom who follows certain rules and regulations made by...ahmm..ME!  hahahaha and everyone in the household should stick to it!  

OO na, Hitler Mom na!

When I received a package from Milna Philippines c/o a good Blogger Friend ,(Thanks Ginger)! I was reminded on how I used to be a mom to Kyle a year ago especially when it comes to FOOD.  And I wished I knew about these baby snacks a year ago!

"Milna is a baby snack food that is highly recommended by doctors/medical practitioners in providing nutritious food for your child during his/her developmental and gowing up years. Milna will be available in all leading groceries and supermarkets in September 2015." -- taken from their FB page.


During the 6th month mark, I knew Kyle was ready for his first solids!   All his solids are home-made.  Mashed potatoes, carrots, pumpkin etc...  I want to make sure he gets the best and freshest ingredients.

That was the perfect feeding scenario until I got an invite for a press event at San Francisco last March.  Kyle was 11 months old back then.  One of the many things I worry about?  Food, jetlag, how to make sure he behaves when we are in public, oh did I already say FOOD?  Can I say it again?

So the moment we arrived San Francisco, we scoured the streets of SanFo for a grocery.  I went down from aisle after aisle reading labels on Cereals, Snacks on the Baby Food Section.  What if Kyle doesn't like the flavor? What if he gets super hungry because he doesn't enjoy instant food?  What if he misses home-cooked meals?

Yes, I was thinking and worrying too much!  Thank God there's Mr. AMW who always assure me: "You'll know when you get there".

Then the funny thing happened!  As I was all worked up worrying too much, here he goes, getting the vacation of the lifetime!   He actually liked the change and was enjoying himself so much he was well-behaved throughout the trip!  Just to "appease" my crazy heart and mind, we dine in restaurants who can serve healthy food!  Vietnamese Dish for the win!

Late night Chinese food party with Tasha of Benefit PH.

I used to flinch when people try to let him eat junk food, but I kinda let loose when I was in the US (Must be the jetlag!)  And what I realized?  Just a lick won't hurt him!  AND LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE FACE!

Check out that gorgeous smile!  How I missed this tiny baby!

I hope you guys understand why I was too paranoid!  It took me years to have him and going to a doctor for "work-up" is no fun!  He is definitely HEAVEN SENT so I'm not taking any chances!  

After the US trip, I find myself more relaxed...more laid back!  I still have episodes of being too protective but I like being that way!  You'll see me chasing after him in supermarkets instead of leaving him to our "yaya" (yes, we have one!)  It's not because I don't trust her but it was because I've given her several chances to look after him while I shop for groceries but I saw her texting while my son runs around the aisle!   Come on...who can deal with that?

So I am using more of my mother instinct now as opposed to before trying to follow what the books are telling me!  

A piggy back right? SURE YOU CAN!

You want to watch IPAD?  Of course! Go ahead, but with a limit!

We need to go out on an event and his naptime maybe move moved to a later hour?  It's okay!  It's just for a day, we can always go back to our routine the day after!

Letting the "uptight Mommy Nikki" go is the best decision of my life ! I find myself enjoying my quality time with Kyle Nash more than ever and I find myself happier and more fulfilled --- why?  Because I know I'm giving my son the best life I can give without restricting him from making mistakes, learning and enjoying himself along the way!

Fellow mommies, what is your style of motherhood?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. We also have yaya but I always make sure that I will take care of lo once I get home na so yaya can do other chores like doing the laundry and cleaning the house. Ayoko din kasi na masanay si lo kay yaya, nakakaselos naman yun lols. Good thing, our yaya don't usually text naman while taking care of lo not unless I'm around.

    I'm the one who prepares food for lo just to make sure na he's eating healthy and no junk foods for now. Now that he's 7mos old, stick pa din kami sa natural food. I let him eat junk foods siguro when he reach 1 year and above.

    Maybe for now I am the "uptight mommy mhaan", but time will come na I let my son do his own discoveries without apprehensions.

    I love this post :)
    *sentimental mommy here lols*

    1. aww love it fellow sentimental mom! Thanks for sharing! I don't mind doing everything for my son, iba yung peace of mind ko! :D And i"d rather be physically tired than mentally and emotionally tired sa kakaworry!

    2. Ay sinabi mo pa, okay na pagod tayo for as long we know na we are giving the best for our babies.

      Cheers to us mommies! :)


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