Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Found my True Match During the L'Oreal True Match Event

You know how everyone is trying to "kill" the no-makeup look?
Well, No Makeup look is definitely one of the most difficult looks to create!  You have to create a fake flawless skin and your makeup has to look invisible whether you are indoor, outdoor and on photographs!

So when I got an invite to join L'Oreal Makeup Designer/Paris and be one of the first few to discover my TRUE MATCH in makeup, I had to go!

It was also exciting for me to visit Farmacy Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Shoppe for the first time!

When I arrived, I wasn't able to appreciate how the L'Oreal Paris Philippines team designed the area!  I was too busy catching my breathe, all thanks to Ogilvy team too for taking care of me!  You wanna know what happened?

I had a flat tire on my way to the event!  I didn't change tires but I was lucky enough to find a nearby gasoline station and the cool guys helped me there!  So please, if you are a lady driver, let me know what you will do in such situation!

Back to the event, we were asked to go from station to station to know how to create No Makeup Look in an easier manner!

Station 1: True Match Blur Cream (Php400.00)
I will be upfront, this product contains silicone so if you are allergic to silicone ingredients, this won't cut it for you!  I tried the texture at the back of my hand and it is indeed a lightweight primer!  It says to be non-greasy but just so you know, on first couple of minutes after application, I do have a bit of that "greasy" feel which will be gone in around 2-3 minutes!  It does help blur away pores and fine lines like most silicone-based products do and indeed, it helps a lot in foundation application.

Station 2: True Match Foundation (Php600.00)
Yes you're right, you see a huge Black Fleet parked right across Farmacy!  If you want to know what's inside, I'll tour you around.  But first, have you noticed I'm wearing pants?  YES I WAS! I was so thankful I've decided to wear my SM Jogger Pants that day because I can't imagine going to a gasoline station looking for tools at the back of my car in a dress!
Top: Zalora, Jogger Pants: SM Ladies' Fashion, Bag: Fino, Watch: JORD
What's inside the Black Fleet?

A makeup station!  This is the area where the L'Oreal Chief Make Up Artist helps me pick my matching foundation shade.

True Match Liquid Foundation is reformulated with micro-matching technology thus this foundation will perfectly match skin tone and texture at a micro-level.

I was told there are around 15 shades to choose from so I immediately exclaimed how this is also perfect for Professional Makeup Artists like me!  Choose between fair, medium to morena skintone, they have everything!

My shade was trimmed down to G1, G3 and N3

There were fun games inside the Black Fleet which Shen, Shari, Earth and I had so much fun! #titasofManila

Thanks Verna Marin, it was so nice to see you again!

So I ended up with the shade G3 which is also known as Gold Vanilla.  The coverage of the foundation is medium with buildable coverage.  It comes with SPF16/PA++ and so far, it felt lightweight, non-greasy and easy to blend!  

Station 3: True Match Crayon Concealer (Php500.00)
I love the True Match Liquid Concealer from L'Oreal and I'm excited to try their "stick version".  My worry is that, most stick concealers maybe drying and I was assured by the makeup artist how creamy it feels when applied properly.

WHat I love about this is how I can easily conceal the tinitest blemishes by using the tip of the crayon and for larger areas, I can use the side of the crayon.

There are  total of 6 shades, 3 for the cool skintones.

And another 3 shades for users with warm skintone.

It is very important to match the concealer shade with your foundation shade for a seamless finish, according to the makeup artist who helped me with shade matching.

Station 4: ART OF BROWS

This station excites me so much I nearly stopped here after my first station!  In this station, I get to see the new Brow Artist Designer Pro and Brow Artist Genius Kit.

The Brow Artist Designer Pro (Php500.00) is a 3-in-1 pencil.  It comes with a pencil, powder and a brow brush to shape, shade and style your brows.   It comes with 2 pencils to choose from --- Light/Medium and Medium/Dark.

Brow Artist Genius Kit (Php400.00)
This is an all-in-one brow kit used to define, shape and style your brows like a PRO.  The kit reminds me so much of my favorite Benefit Brow Zings and I have to try this out to see how close they are with each other!

The kit comes with wax, powder, angled brush and brow brush.  
I believe there is also 2 shades to choose from.  Light to Medium and Medium to Dark.

And I also played with other makeups from the True Match Collection! 

This, I got to try!  I love the texture of these powders!

On each station or stop, we get to pick a key and at the end of the challenge, we try to unlock the key that's on the model's neck and guess what?  I WON! :D  Well, my prize is definitely NOT him and I bet a lot of girls wished they could take him home!  He's such a nice and funny guy!

Random photos taken during the event.  We were with Earth but I don't know why we get to take photos just when she's not around!  Sorry Earth, definitely NOT on purpose!  Love ya!
Photos taken using Iphone 6 camera

All products mentioned above are available at L'Oreal Paris makeup counters TODAY!
Isn't September such a good start?
Which particular True Match products excites you the most?
Any request for review?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. i want to try their brow kit ms nikki! it looks so promising!

    1. sinabi mo! that made me super excited to see they have such brow products na!

  2. Wow 400php for their brow kit! Will definitely check them out at their counter soon! Thank you for sharing Ms. Nikki! :)

  3. Probably the most affordable blur cream i saw! The brow stuff looks interesting, will defibitely check out the brow kit when I visit the mall!
    Oh L'oreal, why are you tempting me when I'm on a makeup shopping ban?

    1. I'm sorry, didn't know you're on shopping ban!! Why are you reading blogs anyways?? hahahahah!


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