Monday, August 31, 2015

Tips on Online Shopping for Makeups

Remember my makeup online shopping post HERE?  The blush from Sleek Make Up in Rose Gold looks amazing right?  And you are probably tempted to buy online since I also gave my dear AMW readers a code BLX-ASMEWHATS to get 25% off on first order!

I will definitely head on and shop right away!  Nothing to lose right?  Well, thankfully, my readers are smart readers! Instead of jumping into the shopping bandwagon like I used to 8 years ago, most of you actually emailed me to ask about my online shopping experience via Luxola.  So here I am creating this special post --- Tips on Online Shopping and I'll also include the 2 blushes I got from there!  I got 3 and they are all SPOT ON!  I am more than happy with my purchase as the shades I got are meant for me!

So let me share to you first my haul and scroll further down after the photos for tips when it comes to Online Shopping.

Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush
Shade: Carrara Coral
Can be purchased: HERE
Price: Php1,987.00

photo of Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush

The packaging is huge!  Almost like MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation but lighter in weight.

You get a baked mineral powder blush that has blush color and highlighting shades.  Blended together makes your skin looks youthful and glowing you can definitely skip the "highlighting" step!

I find the blush very satin-y smooth and easy to blend!  I like to swirl my blush brush on pan and gently apply a little bit above the "cheekbones" instead of the usual apples of my cheeks!  This step lifts my face thus highlighting the whole area at the same time.  What is amazing with this blush is that this can also be applied wet for more pigmentation, as for me, I am very happy with the result using the "dry method". 

Carrara Coral looks very natural on my Medium Fair skin.  I have warm undertone and I believe this blush would work well even on cooler skintone.

I've used this blush a couple of times and this works on any kind of makeup you wear!  Whether a daytime or nighttime makeup, this blush ROCKS any look!

My only concern for this shade is how it will too light on users with darker complexion!  I think this blush would appear as a highlighter instead!  I definitely recommend darker complexion to apply more than usual OR, use their favorite blush powder underneath and top it with Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush or pick a different shade!  As they have a total of 3 shades!

As for longevity, this blush stays the whole day but if I'm outdoor, re-application is needed, maybe once!

The reason why Mirenesse Blush is quite pricey as compared to the other 2 blushes I got is because Mirenesse Products are free from harmful ingredients and are cruelty-free.

AMW wears Mirenesse Marble Mineral Blush in Carrara Coral

Next, a drugstore brand called Wet n Wild!  I own a couple of Wet n Wild products and they are inexpensive and most of the time, they deliver!  So I'm not surprised the ColorIcon Blusher didn't fail.
Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush
Shade: Heather Pink
Can be purchased HERE
Php191.50 (as they are on 35% off)


Seldom do I give "matte pink" blush a go!  With my skintone they usually look fake and too "doll-ish" for me!  Well trying to look like a doll is not bad but I have to consider my age and features.  (Yes, being true here!)

Upon seeing the shade on pan, I was a bit dismayed and thought I picked the wrong shade.

Upon swatching, I felt even worst!  This won't cut it for me I'm sure!


Then I applied using the blush brush that came with the packaging, well, the brush isn't amazing, it does nothing exceptional but works just fine if you don't have a brush with you and you need to re-apply your blush when you're out of the house.

As for me, I like to use my Real Technique Contour Brush and apply it using light, circular motion. 

And guess what?  I kinda like the effect!  It was more subtle, nothing too much!  The trick is to apply my favorite highlighter (The Balm!) just above the cheekbones and I'm good to go!

And always keep in mind to use a little!  It goes a looooong way!  So I can imagine how long this pan will last me!  

Top with a baby pink lipstick, I think this look will pass up as College Student look!  What do you think?

Now on to the tips on shopping makeup on line ---
  • Check payment method.  This is very important for me as I always depend on Paypal payments.  
  • Check if the company offers FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE.  If yes, how much should you spend to acquire Free shipping?
  • Read "Shipment" portion, what postal service will the company use?  Most companies use regular P.O. which means, as a Philippine resident, you will need to either pick it up at the Post Office or if you are lucky, the package MAY arrive to your doorstep.  But I would say the chance is just around 2%!  Thankfully, Luxola uses ARAMAX, I've never heard about this shipment company until I hauled from their site!  ARAMAX ships directly to my doorstep in less than a week! (delivery time depending on your location)
  • Always read FAQs especially on returns.  The Luxola FAQS are located HERE.
  • Always research for discount codes!  Companies usually offer discounts for first time shoppers (when you sign up to their service), I also like to check via Google discount codes given by the company to other sites.  Thankfully, I got a 25% discount code for all first-time customers of Luxola for all AMW friends!  This discount coupon will expire September 20, 2015 so please use it wisely!  CODE: BLX-ASKMEWHATS
  •  As for product shades, research on Google clicking the product name and shade and click "IMAGES" to see all users of that particular product.  Choose the photo with the user closest to your skin tone and see how it fairs on here!  You can also look for "arm swatches" as most Bloggers do swatches on products so you can see the shade!  That's what I did when I ordered all 3 blushers. 
  • If you tend to get overwhelmed with so many products online, you can always trim down to "Brands", or look for a particular makeup product you like.  As for me, I was really looking to purchase more BLUSH so I went here.
  • And lastly, I try to purchase not a lot first so just in case the package gets lost somewhere, it won't break my heart!  Once I tried the service and is happy with the quality of the products and shipping service, then I can go all out for my 2nd, 3rd, 4th of nth orders!
I hope my blog post helps those who plan to purchase online and those who wants to know why I've been successfully doing online shopping for the past 8-9 years! All it takes is a lot of research and of course ---will power not to over shop! hahaha

Feel free to comment below fellow online shoppers if you have more tips and if you have more questions, It will be my pleasure to answer them!

Have a wonderful week ahead!
Happy ONLINE shopping!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The Mirenesse one looks great! The Wet n' Wild, too, pero masama loob ko dyan since I have a blush that is too pigmented to use :/

    Super tempting mamakyaw para makaabot sa free shipping. But you're right, better to space them out in case they get lost, or worse, catch the eye of someone at the post office!

    1. lol! Natawa ako sa masama ang loob! try mixing it with face powder para hindi super pigmented :D

    2. Great idea! I had to wipe some of it off pa after, but at least it's not "omg who slapped you" red anymore. Thanks :)

  2. Also, when I shop online, i always check if they have peso currency, medyo mahina ako sa conversion from Dollar to peso. Lol
    Also, it's more realistic than carting in dollars. Kala mo mura yung $25 kasi parang 25 pesos lang, yun pala ang mahal in peso. Lol

    1. haahah sis, I am so used to converting na (i do that even on my blog posts) kaya I'm ok ! But that's a great tip!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

  3. Great tips! I will keep them in mind. Among the two, I prefer Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush to try out. Love the shade and coverage. It seems to match my skintone too.

    1. Thanks sis for picking, I personally love mIrenesse!


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