Sunday, August 30, 2015

AMW Cooks: Creamy Chicken with Broccoli

Hey AMW Friends!
Another AMW recipe!  You know what I realized?  My love for cream-based dish!  I'm glad Mr. AMW feels the same so it isn't difficult to feed him!  Well, we technically love the same types of food so I don't have to worry about what to cook for him!  As long as their delicious --  he's A-Okay!

So recently made Creamy Chicken with Brocoli dish!  As much as I would love to call this dish "Chicken Pastel", well, it isn't! Maybe, inspired by it!  When I think about Chicken Pastel, I am always reminded by the yummy Chicken Pastel from the caterer Verleo ---> who loves them too?

So this is my version, very simple and easy to do!


  • Chicken breasts chopped in squares.
  • Broccoli
  • Chopped onion and garlic.
  • Campbell's Cream of Mushroom (optional, I tried cooking without this and it tastes lighter!)
  • Nestle All Purpose Cream
  • Chopped mushrooms
  • Bell peppers
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Sauteed onion and garlic together with bell peppers.
  • Add in chopped chicken breasts until cooked.
  • Pour in Cream of Mushroom and Nestle All Purpose Cream. Add water to lessen the thickness.
  • Include chopped mushroom as desired and let it boil in medium fire.
  • On a separate pot, I like to boil the broccoli until desired "crunchiness".  This way, I can control how the brocoli is cooked.  With the remaining "water" from the broccoli, I add it in to the cream mixture to make the dish healthier.
  • Add salt and pepper to taste. Once you are happy with the taste of the Creamy Chicken sauce, pour the cooked Broccoli and stir again for a couple of minutes this time in low fire setting.  Then serve with hot bowl of rice! YUM!

I hope you give this recipe a try!
Let me know how you and your family loved this!  I know my husband eats more than usual if this dish is in front of him!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Very easy recipe. Thank you for sharing :) I'll give it a try this weekend for the family.

  2. This is great ms nikki! i've been looking for healthy recipes to try and since chicken is considered as white meat i'll do this! thanks!


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