Monday, September 28, 2015

Doing It All With the Right Shampoo and Conditioner

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you can probably pinpoint how OC I am when it comes to my hair!  I've written about my money-saving elementary days just to buy a nice bottle of hair serum (when hair serums aren't even well-known back then!).  Yes, I have issues with my hair, my natural hair is so unique most hairstylists I visit would always say ---

"You have smooth hair but it looks frizzy, I can't explain your hair!"
"With your type of hair, the solution will always be rebond or Keratin-treatment"
"You have fine hair but since each strand is frizzy, you seem to have a head full of hair!"
"You better invest for a monthly hair treatment because your hair is extremely dead!"

OUCH ha! (Sakit niyo magsalita) :P
But instead of dwelling on my imperfections. I've realized, I just have to face it and maybe look for solutions!  The solution came in actually more than a decade after, when I started working to spend more on hair care products.

And speaking about facing what I have, my quick solution was, to go for a hairstyle that works for my hair type.  That brought me back to my "hair history".  It has always been a bob cut with bangs.  Can you spot me?  (Of course you can, encircled it for you!)

Cute di ba? :P

I  maintained that cut until I college, it has always been above-the-shoulder cut with bangs and it has to be "layered" in a way so it won't look thick!  I visit the same hairstylist for years and that's how I worked through the awkward hair stage and actually survived without people realizing it!

Then when I started to earn my own money, I invested highly on hair styling tools and styling products!  I've got 2 basket-full of these --- yes, even with just one head! :P
Photo source: here
I have different brushes too to go with certain hairstyles I'm aiming for and yes, I take more time to style my hair than do my makeup! 

With all the effort, it actually paid off with some compliments I get from people I meet.  Everyone thought I've got #IWokeUpLikeThis hair but in truth, it takes a whole lot of time and effort to achieve that.  Yup, secret's out!

UNTIL I became a mom!  And hairstyling time is non-existent!  

Wherever I go, whether formal events or casual "going to the mall family-day", I have my hair tied up.

I'm just so lucky I have an adorable kid no one notices how "blah" my hair looks.  No more well-manicured hair for a year!

I know I know, these are all superficial stuff but hey, that's what makes us women unique right?  To worry about tiny details  :P

But like I said in my previous statement, this girl won't give up!  I've always been the "looking for solution" type of girl and I told myself I can't go on wearing ponytails for the rest of Kyle's toddler years!  I have to do something about it because I don't want to feel like I've been robbed off with my good-hair days time!

As you can see, I'm actually letting my hair down more and more nowadays even with Kyle around!

Weekend with AMW Family --- make-up free + hairstyling-free!
The tip?  To pick the right hair products to go with that hair confidence you want!  

My friends and family knew how much I love the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, I've written a review about this because I love the product so much!  (Read previous review HERE).  That's how I am, when the product works, I am like a walking "advertiser" as I can't stop blabbing about it.

And because I was so awed by how effective the 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, I went ahead and combined it with the Pantene Pro-V Shampoo.  All thanks to my Sampleroom Family, I was able to grab another set! If you are not a member of Sampleroom yet, PLEASE register because it will be the best decision for you --- I've been forever thankful to this site for giving me the chance to try new products before I buy!

Now back to the newly reformulated Shampoos and Conditioners that I got from Sampleroom.  I was able to give the set a test for a week and I will share my quick thoughts on these!  Of course, feel free to share your thoughts if you were able to grab one yourself!

Pantene Pro-V Total Damage Care Shampoo and Hair Fall Control Shampoo 
Because I was having hair-fall recently from constant tying my hair into a bun, from Kyle's hair-pulling games and probably lack of sleep and stress, I went for the Hair Fall Control Shampoo.

The Hair Fall Control Shampoo does work!  I can see how I have less hair fall especially on my 4th use.  Just like the regular Pantene shampoos that I've tried, thankfully, there wasn't any product build-up, appearance of dandruff and my hair definitely feels light and easy to manage.

As for the Pantene Pro-V 3 Minute Miracle Conditioners, I've used both variant for nth number of tubes!  I seriously can't get enough!  I love how using this conditioner will make my "combing life" easier!  My hair is indeed extremely easy to comb, my hair color (though roots are showing) still looks vibrant, I'm proud to announce that I still get compliments on my hair color!  And best of all, the conditioner never weigh down my hair and can definitely prevent "hair frizz" that's why I can go for wash and wear hair nowadays!

Keep in mind though that if you have extremely curly hair, the Pantene 3 Minute Miracle won't straighten your hair, instead, it will just lessen frizziness thus hair looks a bit "straighter" than usual.  To be honest, I personally can't see the difference of the newly reformulated version and the old one because I only used the reformulated version for a week and they are both amazing I just don't have any complaints!  But upon reading the product description, Pantene Conditioners has anti-oxidant properties similar to free radical fighting anti-oxidant ingredients in skin care products that work to prevent age spots and wrinkles --- they call it Histidine Technology.  And this technology penetrates deep into the endocuticle layers keeping hair strong and naturally healthy! 

And after using the conditioner on it's own with other brand, I've found out that using it together with the Pantene Pro-V shampoo makes my hair even more manageable!  Pantene shampoos have EDDS Keratin Damage-Blocking technology that works closely with the Histidine in Conditioners thus will help reverse years of damage up to 2.5 times more than using each of the product alone.   

Can't wait to see how my hair look after more than a month usage!

So for now, I am happy to share that I'm really comfortable using both together and can actually spend more time with my son and not worry about how my hair looks!

This photo was taken during a shoot with Kyle Nash, 
I had a super busy morning I wasn't able to style my hair after washing!

Also, another shoot without any hairstyling! 
Just wash and wear hair!

But of course, I can always style my hair on special occasions and events because I have more confidence with the products I use now.  I used to just appreciate the "outcome" of having great hair day without thinking the bad effects from all those product buildup, extreme heat from styling tools and too much combing would have done to my hair.  Let's not forget how times have change and how our environment is worst than before --- dust and pollution are 10x worst than 10 years ago!  So I hope this post will also serve as a wake up call to YOU (yes you!) on making sure to take care of your hair by using the right products that works for you!

But if I may have to insert, this post isn't gearing towards superficial beauty, and how crazy I am to worry about minute details like my hair when there are bigger things to worry about!  I believe each one of us have our own idea of "flaws" and I'm just putting it out there how I have this issues about my hair starting at a very young age!  (well, don't get me started about feeling fat etc...!)  Don't we all have those tiny insecurities in us that makes us human?  Well, one of my insecurity is definitely my hair and for the first time, I'm saying it out loud and putting it OUT there.  And I hope this post will serve as an inspiration on how we can fight out tiny insecurities because each one of us really can do something about it!

You feel fat?  Let's eat healthily and start working out!
You feel you have bad skin?  Well, let's start doing more research about the skincare products we use and maybe, have a visit at the Dermatologists to see how they can help you.
Having a bad Hair Day?  Try to look for the best haircare products and while on search, try to wear haristyles that would make you feel less worry-some about how you look!  In my case, I put extra flowers on my ponytail because I feel better that way.

And at the end of the day, a genuine smile coming from a happy heart will shine through!

Pantene dares you to get stronger, shinier hair that can take it all!  Dare to do it all with #DoItAllHair .  With that dare, I am daring YOU to put it in the comment box what your hair worries are! Unfair naman ako lang nag share :P

Pantene Total Dmaage Care Shampoo, Conditioner and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioners are avaialble at Zalora and all leading supermarkets and phparmacies.

Feel free to try before you buy via

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I used to have lifeless hair during my teenage years and I keep my hair short. I just started to grow it longer when I have work and money to undergo some treatments. Anyway, I love Pantene 3 minute miracle so much! No need to go to salon because when it using is already a hair spa to me. It does wonders!

    1. Same here! I love the 3 min miracle so much!! :D

  2. I didnt know you have issues eith your hair. Ive always find it neat and fixed well. Ako kasi i cant do that with my hair. Kahit gaano katagal ko planchahin, parang it's not doing any difference. Lol! I grew my hair long now and im planning to have it curled. Palagay mo, Niks? Haha! Maiba lang. 😁

    1. YES Super!!! Nap knows!!! Always looking for ways to make them look good!

      re: plantsa, siguro it's with the texture of your hair? or the flat iron isn't warm enough? Have you tried other brands?

    2. and oh sis, wag kulot! just use curling iron lang, straight hair looks good on you!

  3. i love using pantene duo too ms nikki!

  4. I think i should try it on my hair too. I also got an uber frizzy hair pero ayoko mag pa rebond, so maybe pantene could help. :p

  5. ..not to mention, hair looks really smooth and gentle when i use pantene conditioner..Cheers to pantene !

  6. I love straight ,silky hair. So I use my flat iron. Sometime I also use my flat iron for wave curl style.Hot iron tools cases hair burn too, so I use deep conditioner for hair health. For best hair styling tools ( Wish it will help you.

  7. Yes you are right we have to choose right Shampoo and Conditioner.


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