Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Favorite Brown Black Liner Goes To ----


K-Palette 1Day Tattoo Waterproof Liner in Brown Black!

K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner

I have been a K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner user for more than a year!  I have been testing on various liquid liners but this brand definitely is part of my "Most Recommended" Liquid Liner brand!  What I love about this is the pigmentation, the longevity and how smudge-proof it is for our humid weather.  Of course, let us not forget the wonderful sharp brush that is so easy to use even for first-time users ! Okay, maybe not, but for someone who will try liquid liner for the first time, this is one of the most precise brush I've tried!

I've always recommended Black for a more obvious and defined line and Brown for the natural-effect!  But there are days I wanted a define line that gives an impact yet not too strong like most black liners give!

Finally, there's a shade for that --- it's called Brown Black or in K-Palette's term --- PANTONEBB001

K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner photo

English Description from Packaging
Thanks BeautyBox Corp. for this!

It is still housed in my favorite pen-like packaging!

Same packaging as that of the black and brown version.  How to differentiate them from each other?  The packaging itself is the same color as the "ink".

As for the brush, it is the same sharp, precise brush that I love!  It feels soft on every application and it never poked my eye.

One thing I have to share though as a K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Liner for years is that, you have to store the product flat on the table.  The tip may dry if you place it brush facing up or the ink may overflow if you place the brush portion facing down.

As for closing the cap, you have to be careful as you may "ruin" the brush if you're in a hurry placing back the cap!  I know because it happened to my brown liner!

swatch on K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner

 This Brown Black liner goes well for any eye makeup you prefer.  Apply one thin layer for day time look, apply 2nd and 3rd layer to thicken the line for an added punch!

how to use K-Palette Real Lasting 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner

So far, this liner does not smudge on me but what I love about this is how easy it is to remove!
Priced at Php795.00 available at all Beauty Bars Nationwide, Selected Watsons Beauty (SM Megamall and SM MOA) and Rustans Beauty Source (ATC, Shangri-la and Makati).

Have you tried this liner from K-Palette?
What is your favorite liner shade?

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(Product sent by company/PR  for review.  Opinion 100% mine.  Please purchase at your own discretion.)


  1. havent tried their eyeliner but i love their two way brow in chocolate!

    1. ahh yeah, this one is even better! I love black brown!!!

  2. Yay for brown black! Haven't tried this brand yet because it's not really ideal for layering over powder shadow, right? The price is a bit steep for something that I might potentially ruin :p also, how long do these things usually last? Kind of hard to gauge because they're like coloring markers; one day they're fine, and the next day they're ready for the bin

    1. naku, super nice talaga! you can even wear it alone without eyeshadow!

  3. Hopefully by using this maging pro na ko when creating the cat-eyed look. :)

  4. Well, well, well, this is something worth checking out. This is my first time to know this product and I am so curious about it.


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