Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pampers First Php1 Million Winner

August 20, 2012 --- 2 days after I learning I'm finally pregnant, I remembered doing this shoot for Purple Groom and I had this wide grin on my face and I just wanted to shout to the world how excited I am with this news --- but I just can't.... so the mixture of excitement, extreme happiness were bottled inside me I just want to explode.

That was probably how the First 1 Million Pesos winner of Pampers felt when she saw her winning ticket inside her Pampers Baby-dry!

 It must be just an ordinary day of grocery shopping for Mommy Maria Felicidad Valdoria of Quezon City, but instead, it was a day of luck!  Mommy is a proud mother of 2 and she was set out to buy only basic home necessities and new stocks of diapers for her two-month old son Palix Diet and her one-year-old daughter Bettina Kateri.  

She was blessed with something even more!

I have been buying packs after packs of Pampers Baby Dry hoping to be the first millionaire, but after seeing this photo, I felt like I won a million peso myself!  God is indeed very giving because this Php1 million will be put into good use for the future of her young son and daughter.
And I love how during the interview, she didn't say all the things she wanted to buy for her first million, instead, she just said this winnings will help fulfill her children's dreams, for their education, so she's setting up a time-deposit account for them!  Great job mommy!  That is indeed a worthy winner!

I have been blessed with so many things, I may want more (to be honest, just like any human being) but at the end of the day, I always pray to God and thank Him for keeping me and my family safe!  For me, that's what matters especially if you are a mom!  

For me, even if I didn't win the first million, having New Pampers Baby Dry around is enough as it doesn't give my son diaper rashes like other diaper brands do!  And the fact that I can sleep straight at night without having to worry about wetness is already a million-peso winning for me!

Congratulations Mommy Maria!  So happy for you and your family!
If you want more pampa-good vibes, do watch their newest TVC HERE or visit Pampers Facebook page.

What's your recent "feeling like a millionaire" winning moment?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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