Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Something New: Vedette Clay Masks, Peel Off Masks and Mask Sheets

Several years ago, when I came back from China, I bought with me loads of facial mask sheets and powder masks from Watsons and I always prepare a "facial spa" session for my family!  Everyone was giving me this puzzled look because facial masks back then aren't popular at all!

Given a few more years around year 2008 when I started blogging, everyone's been blogging about my now favorite mask brands --- My Beauty Diary, Etude House and Leaders Insolution.  

Now, with all the brands coming up with "at home facial treatment" products, I'm glad we are given more choices!  And looks like I"m adding up another brand to be part of my favorite list!


The brand is new to the ears because it is indeed quite new even for me!  Vedette is a Vietnamese brand and it has been around for quite some time.  My beauty blogger friends So Loverly blogged about the brand during their Vietnam visit 7 years ago so that gave me an assurance that the brand is quite stable.

Just for reference, the brand does not only offer Mask Sheets but they also have Clay Masks and Peel Off masks!  You can choose depending on the needs of your skin and of course your lifestyle!  I am always a facial mask sheet girl because it is very easy to use and I only have a couple of minutes left before I sleep!  BUT, after trying out the other variant (CLAY), I am starting to fall in love with it because it seems more effective for my skin!  Will share more when you read further down.

Vedette Yoghurt Mask Sheets and Whitening Masks

You may have thought I've sworn off whitening products forever!  Apparently, you are wrong!  I am actually opening my arms on using Whitening Masks because they are quite gentle to start with and I was told by my makeup artist friend how surprised she is to see that my face is a shade darker than the rest of my body (shocking right?)  My favorite Whitening Mask sheet is the Pearl variant because I do believe in the power of pearls for whitening!  And it doesn't hurt how wonderful the scent is.

BUT...for the mask sheet variant, I fell in love with the KIWI because it works for all skin types and it is extremely hydrating on my parched skin.

As for the mask sheet, it is well drenched and you get extra "kiwi essence" which I gladly apply on my hands and elbows.  The sheet fits my face perfectly.  It doesn't go transparent as the one from Leaders Insolution but it is drenched enough to be stuck on my skin for the whole 20 minutes even if I move around.

On first time use, my skin did have a bit of itchiness (nothing major), I felt it was the sudden boost of hydration that gave my skin the slight tingling sensation.  But the next day, there wasn't any redness or skin irritations so I'm happy with this!  My skin does look brighter in a sense after 3rd week.


Next are the Vedette Clay Facial Masks
They come in different variant and most of them are meant for Oily and Combination Skin!  I remembered a conversation between me and my Facial Spa attendant years ago on how clay masks are really meant for users with oily skin!  Thankfully, they have 2 variants for Normal/Oily and Combination skin.  The Aloe and Olive.


Not shown on photo, I let Mr. AMW try out the Cocoa Facial Masks which he immediately exclaimed how wonderful it smells!  The effect wasn't too obvious on first use but his skin was matte and super clean after the wash!  


As for me, OLIVE is my favorite variant because it doesn't dry out my skin and it gives my skin an instant boost of "glow" after first use!  There wasn't any signs of irritations and no itchiness even on first use!  It was a bit messy to apply but you'll get the hang of it on your 2nd, 3rd and succeeding use.  


The scent of Olive is very relaxing and as much as I would love to doze off, the only negative part about using Clay Masks is the fact that I had to stand up and wash off the masks from my face which can actually awaken my senses again instead of dozing off to lalaland!   

I highly suggest this to be used midday and mask sheets during night time!


 Vedette Purifying Peel Off Masks
 Last variant are the Peel Off Masks which comes in White Tea, Cucumber and Honey variant.  I used to grow up seeing my aunt peeling off something from her face in which I thought she was peeling her own skin!  :P  I will give this a skip for now because I personally am not comfortable using peeling masks as of the moment!  My sister-in-law who has extremely oily skin and with issues on black heads may help us test this out!  I'll update this post and report back once I get a feedback from her.

Overall, the brand may be new to me but I'm glad I was able to give some of the products a test because I am actually loving the result!  Vedette is now part of my weekly skincare "treatment" routine.

And before I end this post, Vedette has Buy 1 Take 1 Clay Facial Masks promo at Zalora

What particular mask brand do you love?

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  1. What I usually do is use a clay mask first to suck away impurities and sort of pull up deep seated dirt and white/blackheads. Then I follow with a peel off mask to remove any other remaining dirt and the white/blackheads. Finally I use a sheet mask to treat and bring back moisture stripped off by the two previous masks. :)

    1. wow..thanks for sharing!!! I can't seem to use them together at the same time due to my skin condition, but it is a nice tip! thanks


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