Saturday, October 24, 2015

AMW Reports: Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba Launch

Last October 15, aside from me hailing it as "Blogger Friendship Day Out", it is actually Bulgari's launch of their newest, freshest scent Onia Paraiba in SM Store Makati. 

We were transported to a Tropical Paradise "ala Brazil" as we were given wonderful performance by Nyko Maca

and Soleil Ignacio, Fashion and Beauty Illustrator was there to personally design our Omnia Paraiba bottles.

Can't help but take another shot!

The event was hosted by Joey Mead King and in just a short presentation and just ONE SNIFF, I understood why this will be a favorite amongst Bulgari loyalists!

The Omnia Paraiba is named after Brazilian's semi-precious stone Paraiba Tourmaline, known for its blue-green color which was showcased in it's Bvlgari bottle!  The fragrance has this exotic floral-fruity and woody!  I am a citrusy-floral type of scent wearer but this one struck me in one sniff!  The scent exudes extreme freshness and it comes in a unique scent even a perfume collector myself can't seem to explain!  The notes include Laraha orange, passion fruit and flower, gardenia, sugar cane and cacao bean.  The combination may seem a bit obscure for me but all I know is that I think about waterfalls, nature, beaches and jungle --- yes, overwhelming my whole senses and I like it!  I like the change!

Price details ---
25ml Eau De Toilette Jewel Charm Php2,898.00
40ml Eau De Toilette Bottle Php3,950.00
65ml Eau De Toilette Bottle Php5,080.00

What's your favorite Bulgari scent?  Mine is..hands down!  THIS ONE!  The Paraiba!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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