Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weekend Food Trip at: Paul Boulangerie BGC

You all probably know by now how much of a coffee person I am!  I get excited whenever I have a hot cup of coffee right in front of me and I am the type of person who likes to drink at least a cup after breakfast, lunch and dinner + just because.  

So whenever I meet up with clients, friends or just chill by myself or with the love of my life (ahem Mr. AMW!)  I like to just sit, and relax and enjoy coffee with wonderful conversations!  But of course, it doesn't hurt if the bonding comes not only with good coffee, but good food and a wonderful VIEW.

I got them all at Paul Boulangerie.  I've dined a couple of times at their SM Aura branch but it was all for meeting so I didn't get to really whip out my camera and take photos (nadiyadiyahe ako :P)  But finally, when I'm actually in Paul BGC branch for the first time and it wasn't work-related, ahhhhh such picturesque cafe!

Paul Boulangerie is a French Chain of bakery/cafe restaurants established in 1889 in France.   The interior has this Parisian feel and I actually enjoy how relaxing the place was.  I was just a bit side-tracked by sales people staying outside the restaurant.  

Back to Paul, they serve breads, pastries, coffee, tea and whole lot of  dishes to satisfy your food-cravings.

Upon ordering, you get a basket of freshly baked bread, butter and jam!

Let's start with my ultimate fave because I'm a mushroom-eater! :P  CHOMP!

Paillasson Champignon
Sauteed mushrooms with garlic, shallots and parsley, served warm

So the first time I had this was bread underneath, then I was told they have "pancakes" available and I picked potato pancake!  I tell you, it looks small, but it's really filling!

Roasted Beef Sandwich
The sandwich is a bit small for our liking but the beef is very tender and flavorful!  Drizzled with mozzarella cheese, this is perfect when you want to get full with just sandwich!

Cafe Moka
 I've tried their hot cup of coffee and loved it and since the weather is quite warm, I went for their cold drinks and I felt it's just okay.  What I appreciate is how it isn't too sweet as compared to other Cafe Mocha drinks from other restaurants.

Pastries and breads all displayed for your convenience!  I got really confused on what to try!

A relaxing place to chat or conduct business meetings.

In my case, I'd rather just enjoy the relaxing view and smell the wonderful freshly baked breads and pastries and enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I'll go for warm next time!  Remind me!

Paul Boulangerie
Address: G/F Bench Tower, Rizal Drive Cor 30th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Rizal Dr, Taguig, 1634 Metro Manila

Have you tried Paul?
Do you have particular menu in mind that you think I should try?
(because for sure, I'm going back!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. That potato pancake looks so beautiful that I felt like I could smell it from the computer monitor :(( I've only tried their giant Macarons, though, so I can't compare their other stuff -- and the giant macarons are 200+ or 300 here, right? Aray! Expenses are easier to justify when they're in Euro because the price tag is in single digits hahaha

    1. Sinabi mo! really sarap!!!! :D natawa ako sa single digit price tag, ganon din yon if you convert! But I know what you mean, I felt very pricey naman sa Japan and Korea kasi their currency is smaller than Pesos


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