Saturday, November 14, 2015

AMW Reports: StarMobile's Knight Spectra Launch

Why do you see us (Beauty Bloggers) on tech events like Smart Phone Launch?
Well, I have the answer!  Bloggers, in general, live and breathe with a smartphone on their hand!  I may not speak for the rest of the Blogging World but I know I literally can't live without my phone!  I remembered just several minutes after getting back to the room after giving birth, the first thing I asked was my phone, because I had to take a photo of my newborn baby and share it to my relatives here and abroad!

And oh, even with a hyperactive toddler playing with me (You can see how kulit he is on Snapchat @AskMeWhats), I can still take videos and photos of his EVERY Milestones.

I can literally write down 100 things I can do with my Smartphone but I'm sure you get the drift!  So yes, when a new phone that is said to create a BUZZ in the phone industry, we had to be there!

with Shen and Martha
 It was a first for me to attend the Starmobile launch.  The event was held at EDSA Shangri-la hotel at Peninsula Ballroom.  You won't miss the event location as the huge sign will greet you.

 The event was called The Future, what's up with Starmobile at present and future?

The launch of their newest phone called Knight Spectra.

The Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra is the most advanced Filipino cameraphone with dual rear camera.  YES you read it right!  DUAL REAR!  Designed for photography addict like me and hey, let's not start talking about those worthy Instagram photos you would like to capture!  

The KNIGHT Spectra is the most advanced cameraphone to date for Starmobile.  The 2 camera modules work together to help you take photos that really stand out.  Imagine, the 2-megapixel sensor can gather data like light, exposure and distance allowing the 13-megapixel sensor take photos not only accurately but QUICKLY!

And one of the host DJ Toni Tony was to do a "test shot" on stage and the photo came out sharp and crystal clear!

The brand is quite confident to say, they can actually compete with high-end phone cameras out there.

And to seal the deal, they had Master Photographer Mr. Jun De Leon shared to us the photos he has taken using the Starmobile Knight Spectra.  With the photos he took, everyone was amazed, I personally thought he used his SLR camera in taking those shots!

Just some of the important features of the new Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra.

This cameraphone will be available in 2 weeks ready for the Holiday season!
 With Jane Cheng of Working Mom, we had to try out the phone camera features.

Congratulations Starmobile team!
L-R Starmobile Chariman , Starmobile Marketing Head Ms. Richelle Simpao, Starmobile Chairman Mr. Joey Uy, Starmobile Vice Chairman and Product Development Head Mr. Michael Chen, Mr. Jun De Leon,
Starmobile President Mr. Ulysses Lao and Starmobile Board Member Mr. Jameson Say

The Starmobile KNIGHT Spectra is priced at Php14,990.00.  For more information on the smartphone and its specs, visit or to go Starmobile's official Facebook page at

Which among the phone features intrigues you?
I am extremely interested with the dual rear camera!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. The camera of phone looks promising! I'm excited to test it out!

    1. super promising, and a professional photographer atest to that!

  2. Wow this looks interesting to try out. And such an awesome event!


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