Tuesday, November 3, 2015

AMW Wears: Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks in Mocha and Santa Ana

Today marks our 19th year anniversary as Boyfriend and Girlfriend --- yihhee Mr. AMW :P  You love meeeee! :P

So I've decided to share my thoughts on 2 lip colors that he used to asked me not to use!  Yes, he was the young boy who said: "You look way better without any make up on!"  Fast forward to today, let me tell you, he is the most supportive boyfriend/husband ever!  He understands the difference between a serum, a moisturizer a primer and different types of foundations!  All because he wanted to speak and understand my language..and he achieved it with flying colors!

So back to the topic of the 2 lip colors he asked me to shy away from --- browns and reds, would you believe he was the first to say: "You look great in that lip color?"  I believe, there is no right or wrong in wearing the perfect shade of lipsticks, all you need is to pick the shade that makes you feel good and wear not only the lipstick but the confidence in you! 

I highly recommend trying out Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks!  Aside from the wide variety of shades to choose from, they are highly pigmented and non-drying!  If I say non-drying on my current lip condition, this is definitely a lip product that is extremely hydrating to users with normal lips!

L: Mocha
R: Santa Ana

On AMW: Mocha
 Everyone was raving about the shade "Mocha" during the intimate event with Calyxta but I was extremely apprehensive about it!  As you all know, with my fair skin, wearing nudes make me look sick! 

As for Mocha, I am actually starting to get used to wearing this lip color, it gives out a nice brown nude shade that everyone loves!  It seems very 90's but with the right makeup, you can get away looking chic instead of "old".

On AMW: Santa Ana
For someone who used to feel uncomfortable wearing red lipsticks, I find wearing Santa Ana the most comfortable red color that would match all skin complexion!  Fair skinned users will achieve a bright reddish pink shade while medium to darker complexion may pick up a deep berry red kind of shade!  In short, this lip color is so unique I can't seem to find a dupe considering I have a huge red lipstick collection!

Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are highly pigmented and extremely creamy!  It applies smoothly on one swipe and it does not settle on my dry lip lines even without prepping my lips with a lip balm or moisturizer.  Best of all?  This is the most comfortable liquid lipstick I've tried, it feels weightless and non-sticky because of its' light and mousse-y texture!

As for longevity, the name may keep you expecting this lip color to stay from day til night, from drinking and eating!  As for me, personally speaking, the color fades on every drink and bite BUT the color does stay until removal!  Since my lip condition is unique, without moisture midday and all the lip-licking, some lines or dry cracks may occur but that is not the problem of OFRA!  

As for you, who have normal lips, I can see this lip color to last at least 4-5 hours with eating and drinking and if you want to make this lip color last longer, use a lip liner underneath or apply a gloss on top for added "protection".

Exclusive OFRA Bundles at 20% off is available from October 22 to November 30, 2015 at Calyxta website. You can pick OFRA Lipstick Set priced at Php1,080.00 from the original price of Php1,350.00.

OFRA Lipsticks and Long-Lasting Liquid Lipsticks are available at www.calyxta.com and selected beauty stores nationwide.

Which shade do you appreciate more?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Sta. Ana suits you! how I wish my bf speaks "the same language"! hahaha

    1. Thanks sis for picking, I love Santa Ana too! And who knows? Maybe in the future, your BF will speak your language!

  2. I love Ofra Liquid Lipsticks! Best formula and staying power! :)

    1. still feels the same? Have you found another brand that has good formulation and staying power?


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