Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grab Whisper Samples at SampleRoom NOW!

There are certain brands that will always bring "Throwback Photos" inside my head!
Secret (the deodorant), YM (Magazine) and Whisper!

I remembered how my mom would bring the family to the supermarket for our monthly shopping and I always try to toss a pack of Whisper inside the cart and she would always give me that: "Let's go for the more inexpensive brand" look.  And true enough, those brands fit the budget but I can't count how many times I have "Miss!" (points at the back of my white skirt) *sigh*  I'll just blame the university for making us wear white uniform instead of RED!  *tsk*

Then when I was starting to earn by accepting tutoring jobs and summer jobs!  I can actually shop for the brands I really longed for!  And one of them was Whisper!  (Serious story to ha!  Mababaw, but I was like that!)

So lucky are YOU girls who can actually try the effectiveness of the brand through Sampleroom for FREE!

I've always been a Ultra Slim napkin user, never been a fan of those bulky napskin!  So I appreciate the new Whisper Skin Love Day/Night Ultra Slim pad in 28 cm.

And my super favorite for the moment, the Whisper SKin Love All Night Ultra Slim pad in 31cm!  I'm self confessing that I use Night Time napkins even on day time!  Do you do the same?

As for performance, both are very gentle to skin because of the Japan-designed Air Dry Cushion Topsheet and I like how comfortable it feels upon wear!  And of course, the absorbency is amazing!  It keeps me dry literally all throughout RED period!

So fellow Whisper lovers and soon to be Whisper addicts, grab your free samples today!!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I have always been a fan of Modess ----I guess out of habit or personal preference and because Whisper has this strong scent. But the skin love thingy caught my fancy. It's good to know that Whisper came out with longer and thinner pads. I even overlap two pads to get the length I want in the past!

  2. i tried one (available na sa market)


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