Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Lipstick of the Day: Pixi by Petra MatteLustre Lipstick in Classic Red

I've found a Christmas lip color that I can wear even without much makeup on! 
See?  Well, maybe, it would be nice if I fixed my brows but hey, I'm trying to prove a point here!

It is a first for me to try the Pixi by Petra MatteLustre Lipstick and thankfully, the experience was pleasant!  Upon seeing the packaging, I originally have this thought of it as a "tinted lip balm" (Please tell me if you felt the same!)  So I thought I had enough tinted lip balms in my make up KIT so I set this aside for weeks. 

But as I was rushing for a quick stop at a grocery, I picked this up thinking this will be my lip balm and lip color at the same time since I wasn't wearing any makeup on!  

Yes, good choice Nikki!  Classic Red lipstick just for a grocery stop!

So I shrugged off my shoulders and applied a layer of this all over my lips and went ahead with with my errands!  I did checked my reflection every now and then and realized: "Hey, that girl ain't bad-looking at all!"  *laughs*  No seriously, the result wasn't that bad!  I did not felt out of place wearing red lipstick just to do my groceries.

The Pixi MatteLustre lipstick lasted more than half a day on my lips!  I actually liked how it gently fades off evenly so it works even without much makeup on!  But, if you wanted more drama, you can add a second layer for brighter red lips result!

Now, the feel of the lipstick is lightweight and I almost didn't notice I'm wearing any lipstick on!  There wasn't any scent which is okay for me and thankfully, the lipstick may not be hydrating but it never dried out my chapped lips!

As for application, feel free to apply 1-2 layers and leave it as it is for a lustrous finish, if you prefer it matte, you can blot off with a tissue or set with a translucent powder!  As for me, I prefer to leave it as it is because midday, my lips absorbs the moisture of the lipstick and I always ended up with a matte finish!

So it's like wearing 2 types of red lipstick in a day --- a lustrous red and a matte red ... a smart move indeed!

Pixi by Petra MatteLustre Lipsticks are available locally at Glamourbox priced at Php630.00 (approx $14.00) each.

Have you tried this new lipstick from Pixi by Petra?
Do you like Classic Red in an almost barefaced Nikki? (I said almost because I applied a bit of powder foundation!)

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Does this make your lips look like u only have lip liner on after u eat like some reds do? I hope not. :)

  2. This lippie makes you look made up without the effort!

  3. You are right, this could be worn even with less makeup and still look oh so great. This is worth checking out!

  4. It's a very cherry red. Pretty! :)

  5. i wish i could sport red lippies =(

    1. kaya mo yan sis! i used to feel that way too! just pick the right "red"

  6. Eye makeup and lips shade contributes a lot in providing flawless beauty to your makeup. Red shade always looks attractive.


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