Monday, December 7, 2015

AMW x Benefit VIP Party and Beauty Workshop

Update: Instead of me picking the winners, I asked help from Team AMW because all your entries are amazing! So yes, I have a panel of judges to help me pick 10 winners.  To the non-winners, sorry there will be more workshops for sure!!!! Thank you all for joining!!!! Love you guys!!!

1. Marielle Francisco
2. Tasha Bernardo Din
3. Jonah Ong
4. CJ Surita
5. Ann Margaret Cabuenas
6. Shaunne Ang
7. Maria Christine Rovero
8. Teresa Apura
9. Sheila Calzada
10. Ma Lourdes Capule

Email me your full name and mobile number pls! After 12 hours I'll pick a new winner if you didn't respond!!!


My last workshop for the year before I raise my glasses (and feet) and say: "Cheers to a Wonderful 2015!"  

This year was amazing and I'm looking forward to 2016!  Let us celebrate Holidays ala Benefit style this coming December 12th at the Benefit Megamall branch because I will be opening up the party to 10 AMW Readers! 

As always, a party will always be fun with a few tips and trick on how to apply makeup properly especially for the holidays!  Parties here and there?  You don't have to worry as I will share some Holiday Looks that you may sport to transform you into a BIG WOW!

My special guests will get to try my favorite Benefit Brow Wax for FREE!  And there will be fun contests with prizes await you!

  • Contest starts today ends December 9, 2015.
  • 10 winners will be picked by yours truly (so your answers must be well thought of ha!)  and names will be announced in this post on December 10, 2015.
  • Winners must email me their complete names and mobile numbers at (within 12 hours of announcement) or I'll pick a new winner before the day ends!  So please join ONLY if you can make it on the 12th!  Let us not waste the slots please!
  • To join, comment (ONLY ONCE, double comments will be forfeited) with your name and email address below.
  • Answer this question: "Why do you want to celebrate Christmas with Nikki and Benefit?"
I'll see you on the 12th!!!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. First of all, I wasn't picked in her last workshops though that did't stop me from subscribing and reading her write-ups about honest and "true-to-life" reviews. Second, my brows are a mess! I'm still afraid to groom them myself even if I've watched her did it countless times with her pics, tutorials and massive tips. I know that everyone's been gushing about Benefit's brow grooming and products so I wish to try them soon. I really hope I could finally attend one of her workshops before another year ends and probably get to have a brow selfie with the "Tip Queen". (^....^) -Vin Domingo (

  2. I am an avid reader of your blog for three years now and I read your every post(no kidding)but I haven't seen you yet in person. I know you're bubbly, down-to-earth, and has a good sense of humor, and I am that type of person, too! I was once your giveaway winner and I want to thank you personally for giving me those L'Oreal matte lippies. Remember the best pout pose on IG? Hahaha! Yeah, that was me ^_^. I have also learned a lot from your makeup style especially on your Brides.
    I hope to learn more from you especially the tips and tricks on how to use the cuties from Benefit.

    Marielle Francisco

  3. i want to celebrate the holiday with Nikki and Benefit to experience the spirit of Christmas. Sadly we dont really celebrate it at home and i havent experience it either so this will be a great opportunity to experience and learn new tips and tricks for a wonderful new you!

    Roxanne Borbe

  4. I want to celebrate Christmas together with ms. Nikki and Benefit because first I want to meet personally of Ms. Nikki Tiu because she is down to earth and she is one of my favorite beauty blogger second is I want to Learn how to apply eyebrows and I want to try benefit.

  5. I would love to celebrate Christmas together with ms nikki because last time autograph lang ang nahingi ko sa aking notes super starstruck ako nahiya ako magpapicture sa inyo ms nikki.. hope this could be my chance to ask more sa inyo and to learn even greater tips on skincare and makeups!

    Rhania Chang

  6. I want to celebrate Christmas with Nikki and Benefit because I want to surprise my wife on how to use make up the right way.
    Allan Reyes

  7. This Holiday season, I want a look that is elegant and sophisticated and I believe that Benefit and Ms. Nikki can make that happen. I want to spend Christmas with Benefit and Ms. Nikki Tiu so I could learn top make-up tips and tricks to get me ready and all glammed up for family reunions, get together with friends, parties and celebrations this festive season. I also want to look selfie and photo ready using Benefit's Holiday 2015 Kits. Apart from that I know that I would have a chance to bond and have a good time with Ms. Nikki and Benefit. I'm available on the 12th and I really really want to join. Hoping, wishing and praying to be included among the 10 luck ladies so I could really have a Merry Christmas this year.

    Tasha Bernardo - Din or

  8. I want to spend Christmas with Nikki and Benefit because Ms Nikki gives the best beauty tips and advice that will make any woman feel good and look good. And I want to feel that this season since I need her help to boost my self esteem and make me feel good about myself. following her blog and ig helps women empower themselves by helping them on how to look good and use the right and best products.

    Jonnah Ong

  9. Honestly I just really want to see you in the flesh and learn some insider beauty secrets from you!!! Having it at Benefit would be just another plus—the icing to a very decadent cake if you will. :)

    CJ Surita

  10. I have been following your blog and I think it would be a great privilege to finally meet you in person. I have always been a fan of benefit cosmetics and I think it would be exciting to attend this workshop. I have also been feeling a bit "unpretty" lately due to my frequent morning sickness for my pregnancy. I think attending beauty workshop could help perk up my mood and give me more ideas on how to make myself feel beautiful.

  11. We all know that Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. And one of the wonderful ways to celebrate it is to be able to attend a workshop of Ms. Nikki and Benefit on how to properly apply make-up during the holidays. We all wanted to look glam despite the hustle and bustle of what Christmas rush brings to us. Reunions, family gathering, parties are everywhere and I don't want to look like a mess. Hindi na uso 'yung tipong I woke up like this! Paskong pasko tapos haggard ang itsura! I have three kids and that means a very limited time for me to prepare myself. This fab workshop collaboration of Ms. Nikki and Benefit will surely make me feel that this Christmas is a Christmas to remember because my beauty does not only radiate inside but also on the outside. P.S. The free brow waxing is a major plus because I have a bushy eyebrow ;)

    celin mendoza

  12. 1 want to celebrate with you too Ms Nikki but sadly it won't happen since I'm in the province, but I still want to let you know that I'm an avid fan and I love how you make makeup simple and interesting. Good luck to commenters who will get to see Ms. Nikki, enjoy your day.

  13. This is my second, third (not pretty sure) time to try a comment contest of Ms. Nikki, honestly beside the freebies I am willing to trade my beloved cat (sorry รงhiko?) just to see Ms Nikki, I am such a fan! I've been secretly reading your blog for years (way backmy first year college days, hala I'm old na pala?) and, just recently I started commenting for you to know that I am existing. It is one way of stepping out of my comfort zone and shedding my shyness, you inspire and influence me Ms. Nikki! I am not pressuring you but, please continue what you are doing!

  14. I want to celebrate Christmas with you, Ms. Nikkie, and Benefit because I can already tell that this would be such a fun and beauty-filled celebration! The idea of meeting you in person makes me giddy; your blog has taught me a lot! An afternoon with you and fellow readers/ beauty enthusiasts with a brand I absolutely think is adorable and chic is something I can’t pass up, especially when I know you’ll be imparting beauty tips and tricks to your guests (Teach us, Master!). Also, imagine all the chika on that day! :D

    Shaunne Ayang-ang

  15. I want to celebrate Christmas with Nikki and benefit because I want to learn makeup application the right way and maybe Nikki could teach me how handle my bushy brows, and to finally explore benefit cosmetics because i've red a lot of great reviews of their products that is holy grail worthy yet fun and quirky. I have been a silent reader since 2012, and your blog helped me with almost everything like products to try out that is AMW approved, new recipes with twists, ramen houses to try out. Thank you Ms. Nikki for sharing your talent and inspiration to us

    Maria Christine T. Rovero

  16. Eunice Regina Mae MallariDecember 8, 2015 at 5:48 PM

    I want to celebrate christmas with Nikki and Benefit because it would be an early christmas gift for me to meet Ms Nikki personally and get the chance to know tips on how I can manage and tame my brows from her! Like how cool is that OMG! And also benefit! I really wanted to try brow wax from benefit but I just can't afford it maybe when I'm already working I could afford benefit products so just the thought of Ms Nikki and Benefit collaborating makes me all excited about the event.if ever I would be chosen it would definitely be a dream come true and an early christmas wish granted. I want to be a benebabe for christmas! ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

    Eunice Regina Mae Mallari

  17. I want to celebrate Christmas with you Ms. Nikki and Benefit because I wanted to start the yuletide season with a Bang! ‘Tis the season for lookin’ good—reunions, fancy parties, snuggling up with someone special. It’s the time when we all get more decked out than usual & spend a little more time on our makeup. But more than beauty that catches the eye, I'd just like to say that you are one of my inspiration- my life peg ! :) From being top blogger to awesome wife and mommy! (I am a mom myself, so I can relate much to how much effort we do in juggling work - relationships and life in general- and still manage to be pretty! hehe)
    I am really excited to end the year and start a new one with a fresh chance to make things better. And hopefully, more inspiration will come to me given a chance to attend this event with you and Benefit!
    I am totally obsessed with Benefit's Coralista and High Beam but I have not tried their Brow Wax just yet. Hope to give it a try! I love how the brand is focused on empowering women to be their best self!
    Benebabes value in being strong, smart and beautiful!
    Still believing in this saying: Where there is life, there is hope! Crossing my fingers to finally meet you! xoxo
    Teresa Apura

  18. I've been a follower since 2011 when I was still on my first year in college and I was researching about some reviews regarding bb creams (because bb creams are the bomb before xD) and even though I don't always comment, I'm always here, reading your blog everyday and sometimes It takes me until midnight to read the blog entries that I haven't read yet ๐Ÿ˜Š I have learned a lot of things aside from make-up reviews like taking good care of our skin , places where to eat, recipes, being a blogger to a mommy blogger, random stuff for babies and for Kyle Nash, to planning birthday parties in a fixed budget and many other more. ๐Ÿ˜Š Last year, you also had a workshop in partnership of Benefit but unfortunately, I wasn't able to come ☹ hope that in joining here, I may have a chance to see you Ms. Nikki and ask for your personal tips, to learn how to fix my eyebrows, to meet new friends and to try the amazing products of Benefit. ๐Ÿ˜

    Shiela Marie Calzada

  19. I want to celebrate Christmas with Benefit and you, Ms. Nikki because I want to top off this VERY STRESSFUL year in a very "kikay" way �� During the past months when I had to juggle thesis writing, internship, magazine publishing, and French class, squeezing some time to beautify myself became my chill pill. It was one of the most rewarding turn I ever took in my life. I realized that it is very empowering to fix your appearance. No wonder we girls dig it. I used to be a boyish kid who looked down on women who "fake it" with makeup. Gurl, was I wrong! Haha First, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE FOR THE BOYS. We are entitled to do what we want for ourselves whether people call it faking or whatever. Next, like, after many nights of losing sleep to school, I don't need to explain to people why I want to wear red lipstick the next day!!! I deserve to be beautiful, and no one actually has the right to question what I think I must do to be pretty as long as it ain't hurting anybody. And hell, if I worked hard for something today, I don't need to show it to the world looking like a zombie! I might as well look good for the part. If I'm gonna be playful with responsibility as if it's a person, I might as well flash a look at it's direction with on-fleek eyebrows and wink with gorgeous lashes? ���� 2015 for me is the year of my beauty awakening and what better way to celebrate its last and my favorite season with one of my favorite beauty bloggers and one of my #goal cosmetic companies? Seriously tho, among many reasons why I try hard to keep up in school despite the difficulty is so someday I could land a good job and afford Benefit products without batting an eye on the pricetag! To be a Benebabe is a goal. Lol going back, I really wish I'd be able to party with you, guys. �� this Christmas would be so special if it happens.

    PS. I wanted to take a picture with you at the FN Beauty Con but I saw you leaving soon after you talked on the stage and I wasn't able to catch up because I might distract my seatmates if I would stand up �� Ang ganda niyo po even in person and you look very approachable. No mataray aura at all. During your session, you were so cheerful. Parang ginigising mo ang viewers. Sayang lang di na gaanong reactive yung attendees kasi baka pagod na sila. PROMISE, ME AND MY FRIEND TRIED TO BE AN ENGAGING PART OF THE AUDIENCE! HAHA Dibale, I'm confident that I'll see you again next time, Ms. Nikki!!! Mwa ��
    Ma. Lourdes Jesil C. Capule

  20. Wow! This made my day. Thank you so much Ms. Nikki. I will e-mail my details. See you on Saturday.

  21. Ahhh thank you so much! Just emailed my contact deets. See you, Miss Nikki!


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