Thursday, February 25, 2016

Leaders Insolution Launch

If you follow me on Snapchat (@AskMeWhats) you can probably tell I'm addicted to Face Masks particularly Leaders Insolution masks.  I have been blogging for more than 8 years, I have tried Sheet Masks every now and then from different brands but I can't seem to put that "mask time" to my skincare routine!  Why?  Firstly, I feel it is a waste of time and money (Sorry, I used to think that way!  Comment please if you feel the same!)

Well, not until I tried these!  The first time I tried Leaders Insolution masks are the Skin Renewal Masks Variant --- ALL 4 from this variant.

Skin Renewal Masks

In a quick glance, here's how I choose my Skin Renewal Mask variant ---
  • Before my monthly period when I'm starting to see breakouts, I go for the Teatree  Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask.  This mask literally have my favorite Tea Tree Oil scent and it is non-drying!  It does its' job drying out my pimple marks but not the rest of my face!
  • On days I lack sleep and I felt like my skin is lifeless, I pick the Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask.  This variant surprised me because I really woke up with brighter skin even without using other skincare brands.  And yes, even on first use!  I see results!
  • After breaking out when I see some dry patches around my skin, I go for the Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask, this variant has this wonderful aloe scent that makes my skin extremely smooth and soft after use.
  • On a normal skin days, I go for Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask, seriously, I'm nearing the age of 37 so a boost of Collagen will always be welcomed!

Back to the launch day, we were all treated a facial, hand and foot massage!  For this particular day, I picked Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask because hey, my birthday is coming up (this weekend to be exact!) :P

a photo of Leaders Insolution Launch

NEO Day Spa is one of my favorite spa place because of the wonderful service!  I am so glad the event was held there!

That's me before the facial!
a photo of Leaders Insolution Launch

Going in a Leaders Insolution store (my favorite branch is Lucky Chinatown) can get quite overwhelming for first-time mask buyers!  For starters, I highly suggest you go for the Cotton Masks as these are very easy to use!  The silky fibers from the mask adheres into skin like your second skin making it easy to apply even for first-timers! As for which particular variant, it really depends on what your skin condition is and what your skin needs.

Now, there are also the Insolution Skin Clinic Masks Php148.00

These masks target more of our specific skin issues!  Let's say, if you want to revitalize Dull Complexion and combat the production of pigmentation, pick Mela-Tox
a photo of Leaders Insolution product
And just like me, on days you have dehydrated skin, go for Aquaringer Skin Clinic because this mask helps restore the skin's moisture balance.

a photo of Leaders Insolution product
And of course, you can always go for the Snail Therapy Skin Clinic Masks if you want some skin vitalizing function!

a photo of Leaders Insolution product
 My favorite from this range?  The Wrinkle Filler!  Of course, I haven't seen any wrinkle-filling effect but it doesn't hurt to know that I'm starting out young!  :D

a photo of Leaders Insolution product

Other variants to try: AC Dressing Skin and Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal.

During the event, I also spotted their Coconut Bio Masks in fruit and vegetable variants!  Bluberry, Broccoli, Tomato and Orange.  They are each priced at Php148.00 per piece.

 On the other side, they have the Bio Medi-Curing Masks Php228.00!  They are pricier because they are under the Premium line with 4 variants --- Aqua, Calming, White and Wrinkle.
a photo of Leaders Insolution product

There are so many ranges to try when you get into their store!  Feel free to ask their sales ladies on which particular variant and product range works for you!  Personally speaking, Leaders Insolution masks are pricier than most mask brands in the market today, BUT, I highly recommend these because out of all the variants I've tried, I never had a single allergic reactions and the results are immediate!  Some may take longer time but they definitely have quicker results as compared to inexpensive brands.

Leaders, according to Ms. Andrea Amado of AGC Group, is a professional cosmeceutical brand aimed to target specific skin concerns using the purest of ingredients from nature, turning it into top of the line skin care products that saves you from your regular visits to your dermatologist.  They come with natural preservatives and are derived from plant extracts.  Leaders' are paraben-free making it safe even for users with the most sensitive skin.

How to use these masks?
Very easy!  Just apply masks on the contours of your face after cleansing and leave it on your skin for 15-20 minutes.  Just close your eyes and relax and remove the mask!  Gently pat the serum on skin and take some zzz's.  You'll definitely wake up with rejuvenated skin!

Where to purchase Leaders Insolution products?
Lucky China Town Mall, Festival Supermall, SM Cebu Department Store, SM Davao Department Store, SM North EDSA, SM Cubao Department Store, SM Makati Department Store, SM Manila Department Store, SM San Lazaro Department Store and soon to open SM Seaside Cebu, SM Lanang and SM Iloilo.

Are you a face mask user?
Would you be willing to try this brand?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Cguro natry ko na sya once lang sa Watson ko ata binili yun cguro mga 15 yrs ago narin Gusto ko syang I try kaya lang medyo mahal compare to vidette kaya lang parang ang ganda ng result sa face nyo ang kinis kasi ng face nyo walang blemish walang pores kainggit:)

    1. sis this is new, I think you tried a different brand :D

  2. I think I should start using masks more frequently. Maybe I'll buy some of these and scare the husband.

    1. yes ! haha not to scare your husband but improve your skin heheh but doubles the purpose din! scare na din

  3. Replies
    1. me i used to be that way! But now I'm making time talaga! hinahanap hanap ko siya


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