Wednesday, February 3, 2016

#LUXNights Giveaway for AMW Friends!

To say my life is boring is an understatement.  I wear so many hats I can't keep track!  Don't get me wrong, I'm happy to be this busy and I chose to be like this even if the Big Man up there gives me second life!

I have this feeling of excitement every time I do my task with 100% heart, mind and soul.  I feel even more "kilig" at the end of the day when I get to finish all my "to do list" and more!  

So pushing myself to the limit each day, I knew I deserve a break at the crack of dawn!

A virtual pat on my back with several hugs and kisses from the people who matters to me (Mr. AMW and Kyle Nash), and of course, some "at home pampering sesh for my tired body!"

My "Me" time is very simple, a face mask, a foot massage, a cup of good decaffeinated coffee, a warm glass of milk or an episode of Friends.  

ONE thing I never miss is my Bath time.  It doesn't hurt that I am a Beauty Blogger so I get to test what's new in the market!  Recently, I received a pack of LUX Perfumed Bar Soap and Body Wash Collection and this set really inspires me to relax after a long, strenuous day!
Yesterday, when I accompanied my visitor from Singapore at SM Makati Grocery, I passed by "House of LUX" at SM Makati's Beauty Hall and saw Brand Ambassador Solenn Heusaff together with the LUX team demonstrating her version of how to "indulge" by launching her online film showing how her "Busy Days Deserve #LUXnights.

To those who can't watch the video, here's a quick photo-torial on how to indulge with LUX.

And because I was able to experience #LUXnights just like Solenn every night, I am sharing this "Gift of Relaxation" to my busy AMW Readers who would like to experience the same #BatheWithLUX experience.

  • By following @LUXph and @AskMeWhats on Instagram.
  • Share a photo with caption telling us why you deserve to have your #LUXnights on Instagram.  Don't forget to tag @LuxPH and @Askmewhats and use the hashtags #LUXnights #BatheWithLux and #LUXxAMW
  • Multiple entries are allowed with different photos but you can only win ONCE. (You may also join similar contest from other Bloggers but again, you can only win ONCE)
  • 3 lucky winners will be picked and will be announced by @LuxPH on Instagram.  
  • Prizes are for PICK-UP only in Makati City.
Good luck !

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!

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