Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dove Deo Cares

That awkward stage when you first had your period then you are starting to grow hair on unwanted places.  I remembered around 12 years old, right after I got my period, I started to see a strand (or 2) of armpit hair (gosh!  TOO MUCH INFORMATION!)  But oh well, that's the truth!  I remembered rushing to my older sister (thank goodness I have older sister to lean on to!) and we even scheduled a bonding time after dinner for her to pluck that 2 strands of hair!  

Of course, puberty kicks in and that 2 strands multiplied into a number I couldn't imagine!  Okay, it wasn't a "lawn" but some aren't visible to the naked eye!  That's when I first purchased my "pink shaver" from a health store. Ahhh I remember how I felt so "mature" and a "full-pledged woman"!

Fast-forward to today, there are so many ways to remove unwanted hair.  With all the options, I still find myself going back to my trustee shaver especially since I don't have time to book an appointment outside!

Now, shaving maybe the quickest, easiest, least painful way to remove unwanted hair, did you know that shaving also takes off 1/3 of your skin?  ALong with your hair, shaving takes away the top-most-layer of your skin leaving it raw, sensitive and prone to further damage.  

That leads to bumpy, dry and dark underarms!

For women like me who can't give up shaving at times, it is good to pick a deodorant that will help soothe and repair damage caused by shaving!  

Thanks to my Sampleroom family for sending these Dove goodies and you girls can try before you buy! 

Dove Deodorant have 1/4 moisturizing cream and been formulated to moisturize underarm skin while protecting it with its gentle, skin-loving ingredients.  I also love how my underarm does not darken as compared to not using Dove at all!

My favorite Dove Deo is their Original Whitening Stick Deodorant

Next is their Deo Spray when I'm in a rush!

Lastly, there's a trustee Roll-on.

Now because Dove Deo shares the care with all Dove Girls around the world.  For the price of regular roll-on or Aerosol, you get a Dove Deo Pouch for FREE and also get the chance to win a Dove Deo Getaway to El Nido with two friends!

Definitely a win-win situation!
More care for your "pits" at the same time, you get free pouch for your makeup or win a vacation with your friend!

Grab your Dove Deo samples at today!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. the armpit story bow ;) hahaha I rarely shave my pits I use veet whenever I need too.

    1. hahahah shhhh (although too late, na share ko na in public)


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