Sunday, March 13, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Happy Sunday everyone!  So, I've finally gotten the chance to return to SumoSam at Shangri-la Mall after a not-so-happy experience dining there a couple of years ago!  It was with Blogger friends when our orders came in SUPER late and our Teriyaki Chicken dish arrived burnt!  I remembered telling myself I won't go back to this branch again.

Not until one weekend when I was craving for Japanese-fusion dishes and finally went back to give this restaurant a second chance.  Well, I can't say I am super impressed but I'm glad this time, the food experience is better than the last.

a photo of SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Dynamite Roll
My favorite roll from SumoSam!  Thankfully these were served fresh! 
I will definitely go back to order this again.

a photo of SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Of course, an order of Japanese rice should be in order!  This is how I imagined it should be and Kyle loves this too!
a photo of SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Bacon Dory
It wasn't as flavorful as I expected but seriously, who can say no to bacon wrapped anything?
a photo of SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Chicken Teriyaki
Thankfully, the chicken came out looking good!  I wish they serve in more "teriyaki sauce" that goes with the chicken!  Can you say it lacks the juiciness I'm looking for?
 a photo of SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

A perfect warm broth for the cold stomach!   
One of the reason why I'm happy with our dining experience here! 
a photo of SumoSam Shangri-La Plaza Mall

Overall, SumoSam doesn't serve the same "I can't forget my name the dish is so yummy" dishes like a couple of years ago but I'm glad my experience this time is better than the last! 

Have you dined in SumoSam?
Do you have other food recommendations?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Food porn. I indulged way too much last night so it is payback time for me for the next 5 days diet wise. (Grabs carrots sticks and sulk in a corner).

    1. hahahah I can't eat carrot sticks for heaven's sake!

  2. Wow so delicious! You should also try Sambo Kojin!


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