Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Everyday Eyeshadow Palette from Cover Girl Bold Shadow Quad

Considering I'm a professional make up artist, you would think I have all the expensive shadows in my vanity table to be used daily right? 


All the expensive brands are in my professional KIT and I am quite simple with my daily makeup look!  So I always go for inexpensive (yet effective) drugstore brands!  And I recently found a good one from CoverGirl Full Bloom Collection!

My default daytime look for the past weeks!

a photo of Cover Girl Bold Eyeshadow Quads

All thanks to CoverGirl Go For The Golds, it is easy for me to create that look in no time!  Let's say, 3 minutes max for both eyes without liner and mascara?  Good enough for a busy girl!

a photo of Cover Girl Bold Eyeshadow Quads

All the Bold Shadow Quads from CoverGirl are numbered!  My Go For the Golds quad looks like this ---
a photo of Cover Girl Bold Eyeshadow Quads

Step 1: I use this shadow to illuminate the inner corner of my eyes.
Step 2: The base color that I use to sweep all over eyelid.  Can be worn alone or used as a shadow base.
Step 3: The crease-color.
Step 4: Another crease-color I use to intensity and to emphasize my eyes.  This is also my favorite lower lashline shade!

For a palette that looks "too-sparkly-for-daytime", I am surprised how it looks extremely natural upon application!  No fallouts and definitely no sparkling pigments!  So I'm all good with this palette!

Now, if you're not a fan of golds and would like to look into other quad shades, you may pick the following ---

Stunning Smokys and Vavaviolet
a photo of Cover Girl Bold Eyeshadow Quads

Breathtaking Blues and Notice Me Nudes
a photo of Cover Girl Bold Eyeshadow Quads

If you are into professional cut-crease effect or maybe, just looking into high-impact shadow colors, these may not be for you!  But if you are someone who are just starting out on eyeshadow application, or someone like me, who needs just a couple of minutes to do the eye makeup, feel free to grab any of these quads because they are super easy to work with!

For more information and branch locations, follow them on Facebook
CoverGirl Eyeshadow Quads costs Php450.00 (approx $10.00) each.

What's your favorite quad shade?

My next target is Notice Me Nudes!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Works on you. Although I am not a fan of eyeshadows personally. They make me look old.I have yet to find an eye shadow that I'd actually use.

  2. I love using eyeshadow quads as well. I don't have to think about which colors work together, I just pick up the color mix I'm feeling that day and use it! :) I usually go for nude shades with a pop of shimmer as well.


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