Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: King Chef LCM

I "blogged" about the Grand Launch of King Chef Fine Dining 5 years ago.  From then on, I can't count the times we returned the restaurant!  And since we're always "weekly" at LCM (Lucky Chinatown), I find myself bringing the whole family there!  Not only do they serve good food, the ambience is perfect for a family with toddler!  (Kyle can shout on top of his lungs and no one would mind!) :P

And because I've dined in this restaurant so many times (My parents' anniversary dinner was also held here), I've decided to create a post for First-Time King Chef customers on what to order on your first visit!  

Keep in mind that this is based on my personal opinion!  King Chef serves variety of dishes and these 4 are on my top list!

Seafood with Spinach Soup
Small Php280.00

Why spinach?  Well, I've tried a lot of spinach soup from various restaurants and this has got to be the best I've tried so far!  Even our Househelp who dislikes the color and dislikes Spinach went for second serving!  A good amount of chopped shrimps and spinach bits that doesn't have the "leafy" taste, this deserve 2 thumbs up!

Barbecued Asado
Approx Php200.00
Barbecued Asado are available in ALL Chinese restaurants.  One of the best I've tried is from TOHO (Ongpin) but this definitely deserves an "order" from you!  The pork isn't dry, though you don't see a lot of sauce there, each bite is very tender and juicy!  And let's not go into the taste, it definitely has this smoked barbecue taste!

Sweet and Sour Pork
I usually go for 1 beef, 1 pork, 1 fish and 1 seafood dish!  For this particular visit, I went ahead to try their Sweet and Sour Pork because you can never have the same taste of Sweet & Sour in ANY restaurant!   

Thankfully, it was a right decision because the pork doesn't have much fat and the pork is cooked just right!  The texture is soft and very easy to chew!  The dish also has the right combination of sweetness and sourness making it a perfect partner for a hot cup of rice!

Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style
Php380.00 (small)
 You know how Beef are "no-no" when you have parents with you as they are difficult to chew?  Not this one!  Definitely order this and your parents will enjoy bite after bite.  Sliced thinly with a good amount of XO sauce, I highly recommend this because this is the best Beef dish King Chef has to offer (in my humble opinion).

The servers work pretty fast and are very helpful!  I actually have a few favorites there because I've dined so many times!  Note to parents who needed high chair though, you better bring a long belt as ALL their High Chairs do not have safety feature!  That's my only complaint so far!

King Chef Fine Dining
2/F Lucky Chinatown Mall
Reina Regente St. Binondo Manila
Tel. no: (632) 742-5464

What's your favorite King Chef dish?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Haven't tried King chef yet but everything looks yummy.

  2. I always ignored spinach soup but reading your review perhaps I'll this one.


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