Saturday, April 30, 2016

My Summer Essentials...because these are HOT!

Can you feel the heat?
I sure can!  As much as I want to turn on our air conditioner in FULL BLAST 24/7, I know I can't handle the electricity bill.  So instead of moping around pitying myself for being a work-from-home mom.  The positive side of me is urging myself to just enjoy the heat!  

And it doesn't hurt that we have summer-related products that I get excited about!  

At a do you feel about these?

Keeping It Together (KIT)
Akiyama Vanity Bag
Just when you thought this little black bag is just like any other bag you see in the market?  Well, never judge a bag by the exterior!

Inside the KIT Akiyama Vanity Bag is a spacious practical bag with 6 brush slots with flap, 5 elastic slots for your bottles, 1 side pocket and 2 mesh side pockets!  In here, I have enough space to store all my traveling needs!  In my case, since I don't travel this summer, I use this whenever I go to companies to do makeup demo!  

These storage bottles are so versatile I can use them to store foundation, alcohol, face primer, facial mists, perfume and a whole lot more!

The KIT Akiyama Vanity Bag is available at Keeping It Together (KIT) stores and available at

Next product featured that screams SUMMER is the newest fragrance from Michael Kors called SEXY Sunset.

The new Eau De Parfum is opens with a burst of Nashi Pear and notes of lotus flower, blackcurrant and freesia.  So this is the typical scent I want, citrus and floral!  The fragrance is indeed irresistible, not too heavy yet smells fresh and divine!

The Michael Kors Sexy Sunset fragrance is available at Rustans and SM Department Store priced at Php4,150 for 50ml and Php5,350.00 for 100ml

And just when you think having a good travel bag and a nice fresh fragrance is enough to complete your summer?  You're wrong!  A summer is NEVER a summer without summer specks!

I have always been a fan of Fly Shades that's why I contacted them to be part of my first AMW Workshop Series: Get Ready for Summer.  I believe in their quality and style and I'm glad their price points are friendly!  This summer, housed in a cute Pineapple bag, with the content of Summer 2016 collection.

Fly Summer 2016 Collection #1

Fly Summer 2016 Collection #2

Fly Summer 2016 Collection #3

For more information LIKE Fly Shades on Facebook, follow them on IG @Iloveflyshades

What's your Summer Must-haves?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Oh I want the fly shade number 2 and their pouch is cute :D

    1. hahah the pouch is not for sale ata, but the mismong case for the shades is super cute!

  2. My summer must haves are Chanel cristalle EDP, floral dresses, and a reliable sunblock. Plus pitchers of cucumber water.

    1. wow, I love the floral dresses for summer too!

  3. Ice cold water for me! This heat makes me lose my appetite and always thirsty.


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