Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Estée Lauder First Boutique Launch at SM Aura

You all know by now that Estée Lauder is highly important in my life especially for someone in mid-30s (okay, I lied, I should call myself late 30's na! hahaha)  If you think the brand Estée Lauder is only for older generation, well, you're wrong!  Have you seen their color makeup?  Have you tried their base makeup?  

If you don't believe me, you have to read further...

As much as you want to steer clear from visiting any Estée Lauder boutique, now you just can't miss it!  The brand just opened its very first stand-alone boutique in the country at SM Aura and it is too hard to miss!

Best of all, you'll see a "Kendall J." wall in which ALL millenials can relate to!  I can literally see young girls flocking at this particular "wall" near the entrance just to have a "selfie" shot.

Now getting back to my "Beauty Blogger" roots, I went around the store and indeed felt like I'm in a "Beauty Playground".  Inside, there are several play areas to explore.  Obviously, I went ahead to their "color area" where several makeups are well displayed and easy to test.

Trust me, no judgement coming from the SAs, you are free to play around with makeup and they will even be eager to assist you.

Now this is my "Makeup display heaven"!

Aside from that, you may sit down and have "The 3 Minute Beauty".  You may choose from several 3-minute beauty techniques from ----
  • I Love Blush
  • Brow Contouring
  • E-Z Contouring 
  • Lip Perfector
  • Fatigue Fighter
  • Simple Smoky
  • Strobing Effects
  • Highlights and Contour

Angela and I sat down and I actually picked Strobing Effects as my first 3-Minute Beauty Treatment inside the boutique.

Each customers also get to take an Instax Photo and write on a piece of paper their Beauty Wishes and paste it on this wall.  I can't wait to read all YOUR beauty wishes!

Customers also get to try out testers (good while supplies last) which is a good idea so you can really try before you buy!

My Beauty Wish: 
I want buttery-soft lips for Life!  
Check out Angela's!
Now tell me, don't you want to just stay in here for hours?

Angela and I together with Estée Lauder's Brand Manager Ms. Mira Villanueva.
Thanks for having us!

With Angela

With Carissa and Mira

Dear AMW Friends, Estée Lauder  has an ongoing promotion for the first 100 customers who purchase Php4,000 worth of Estée Lauder  at the new store.  Each customer will receive a chic Opening Ceremony for Estée Lauder Cosmetic Pouch with skincare and makeup samples inside!

Have you checked out the new Beauty Playground at Estée Lauder  SM Aura?
What's your favorite Estée Lauder product?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Whoa I want to grab those idealist pore minimizing serum (it's about time hahahha)

    1. Di ba?? hahaha I'm not a pore minimizing person though (due to dry skin) but I'm glad you wanted something from the brand even at a young age :D

  2. I wish they have the Youth Dew Bath Oil. It's that too much to ask?

    1. wow, I haven't seen that, how good was that?

  3. I really hope the no judging part is true :)) Part of the reason why I hate going into high-end makeup stores is that they seem to either be unwilling to help you or when they do they have the most uninterested face and tone on I might as well be talking to a wall. :))))

    1. totoo, so far ha? During my visit! :D report to me once you get inside :D


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