Saturday, May 21, 2016

Kate Tokyo Launches New Products!

I was invited to an intimate launch for Kate Tokyo because of an Asia exclusive base makeup item developed especially for Asian women.  Can you guess what it is?

The event was held at Cafe 1771 hosted by Kate Tokyo's Robby Da Silva.
He shared the 3 products everyone need to watch out for!

Kate Makeup Lock Primer
This is a fragrance-free primer that comes in 1 color.  
It contains long-lasting coating formation ingredients and oil-absorbing powder.  
A photo of Kate makeup Lock Primer

I swatched it at the back of my hand and it shows a milky-texture that can easily be spread out evenly on face and it gets absorbed into the skin almost instantly.  The finish is smooth to touch and it does blur out a bit of lines around my hand.  
A photo of Kate makeup Lock Primer

Kate Powdery Mousse BB
A fragrance-free product with sebum-absorbing powder.  It also contains dryness preventing ingredients making it perfect even for users with dry skin.

a photo of Kate Powdery Mousse BB

For now, the product only comes in 2 shades ---
01 Bright Color
02 Natural Color

I'm an 02 Natural Color but unfortunately, if you are darker than me, you don't have a shade yet but according to Robby, he brand could come up with more shades depending on the demand.

a photo of Kate Powdery Mousse BB

The light mousse has a lightweight texture, it feels almost air-like and the most unique thing about this is that, once applied and well blended, you can actually skip powder application because it finishes into powder.  According to Robby, this Mousse BB has film-forming agent making it tightly adheres to skin.

I will definitely try this and share an in-depth review soon!

a swatch photo of Kate Powdery Mousse BB
And lastly, 8 shades to create almond eyes!

Kate Forming Edge Eyes
A fragrance-free eyeshadow that works well no matter how you apply them.  
Each palette comes with sponge-tipped applicator.
a photo of Kate Forming Edge Eyes

As you can see, each palette comes with a light, medium and dark shade.  
A 3-sahde palette that enhances eyes. 
All 8 palettes have forming pearls that help blend the shadow easily. 
For me, this is a perfect first-time shadow wearer palette!

a photo of Kate Forming Edge Eyes

Just some of my favorite palettes!
Chic Deep Khaki

a swatch photo of Kate Forming Edge Eyes GN-1 Chic Deep Khaki

Refined Smoky Gray

a swatch photo of Kate Forming Edge Eyes in refined smoky gray

Other shades to watch out for ---
  • BR-1 Elegant Reddish Brown
  • BR-2 Calm Nude Brown
  • BR-3 Fashionable Orange Brown
  • GD-1 Glamorous Shiny Gold
  • PK-1 Soft Natural Pink
  • BU-1 Cold Navy Blue
 The best part of the event aside from playing with new Kate Tokyo products?  A makeup demo!

Primer and Mousse BB
a photo of Kate Tokyo Philippines Launch

Eyebrow pencil
a photo of Kate Tokyo Philippines Launch

Shadow and liner application
a photo of Kate Tokyo Philippines Launch

Added a lipstick and blush, this is a fresh look I can wear daily!

 a photo of Kate Tokyo Philippines Launch

 Kate new products are available in Kate Tokyo stalls near you.
For more information, like Kate Philippines on Facebook, Follow them on Instagram and Twitter (@katetokyoph)

 Which among the product/s mentioned are you interested to see a review first?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I like the eyeshadow packaging and I'm eyeing those golds and pink palette ;)

  2. where can i get this product in Malaysia?

    1. hi you can get these products on :)


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