Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Top 5 Pro Makeup Artist Secrets Revealed!

I have been a professional Makeup Artist for almost a decade now!  Counting those times when I was just "happily" doing my classmates' or friends' makeup?  That would be a total of 2 decades!  Prettifying boys and girls have always been a goal of mine!  I remembered saving up my allowance to purchase international magazines back then just to flip through pages after pages admiring the makeup on each model (even on ads!)  That, my friend, was pre-Youtube days.

Now that I'm living my dream prettifying people professionally.  There will always be friendly competition out there and I know I have to "up" my game to make sure I keep existing clients and get new ones!  With so many talented makeup artists out there, we need to do something right to stay in the game!  How?  By ---

1. Constant Learning.
2. Maintain Client-Makeup Artist good relationship.
3. Take care of EACH of your client like how you would take care of yourself.

Well, there's more but that's the top 3 on my head as of the moment.

As you all know, makeup artistry is not all about fun and glamour!  Well, I do look a bit more "glamorous" in the photo below taken for Biogenic shoot just because they need a profile picture of me as a makeup artist but trust me, I don't look like this at work!

During the shoot, the makeup artist in me can't help but retouch my co Biogenic-mommies' makeup.  It is as natural as "breathing" when I would automatically check the makeup of Jackie and Frances making sure they are camera-ready!  I guess, once you're a makeup artist, you'll always be one! 

I bonded with Frances over retouch and we did a bit of "beauty talk" while taking the photo (above).  Frances told me about her dry skin issues and how I deal with clients who have dry skin.  I immediately shared all my tips and tricks and realized, hey!  I do have a couple of tips up on my sleeves, so why not share it to you guys too?

It occurred to me that the little things I do are just some of the many reasons my clients go back to me!

Nikki MUA Secret #1 Mini-Facials
Anyone who has gone through makeup training from me would know how skincare is very important to me!  As a makeup artist, putting on makeup is not the only thing I do, I take time to apply the right skin care products on my clients after skincare analysis and sometimes ended up giving them a mini facial.  This works really well especially on clients with extremely dry/parched skin, I apply a good amount of moisturizer layer per layer until the skin isn't as dry as we originally started.

In that way, the skin is ready for foundation application!

Nikki MUA Secret #2 Less is indeed MORE!
As much as we would like to pile on makeup, there are some clients who prefer the "no makeup makeup look" just like my most recent client below.  She has almost perfect skin and only requested to cover up  redness so I went ahead and applied minimal amount of foundation just to even out her skin and let the rest of her skin shine! 

Nikki MUA Secret #3 Listen!
As much as we have our own "ideas" on  the best-looking makeup for our clients, I believe they knew what's best for them more than we think we do!  That's why it is my tip to listen to them and ask them important questions like: "How does your daily makeup look like?"  "Do you prefer to wear falsies on special occasions?" "Are you a red or pink lipstick wearer?" "Are you adventurous when it comes to makeup?"

Short Q&A portion like this will guide you to a look they want, and you can make it even better!

Nikki MUA Secret #4 Be Organized!
It doesn't hurt that your clients see a neat set up of your station!  I am personally taking much effort on that as most of the time, on my 3rd client onwards, my table set up gets really messy!  With conscious effort, I try to take at least a minute or 2, in between clients to fix everything and organize everything because it also helps put my mind back on focus!

Nikki MUA Secret #5  Be Hygienic, Be OC, Be CLEAN!  
I use metallic palettes to mix foundations and use Glamcor Hygienic Hand Palette too!  I also make sure to use NEW sponges on each client and spritz on brush cleaner on "used brushes" in between clients! When it comes to lipsticks, mascaras, blush powders and powder foundation, I take time to spritz the top portion with an alcohol!  I also make sure to sanitize my hand by spritzing alcohol before touching their faces!  These are just some of the little things I do that matters the most to my clients.  I always get complimented on how I am hygienic and how they appreciate the small steps I do to assure them of cleanliness and safety against possible breakouts or skin infections.

If I may have to share, perfect timing that Biogenic picked me as one of their Mom Ambassador because I uses Biogenic Isopropyl Alcohol in mini spray bottle a lot especially on the job as a PRO MUA.  It also helps that this comes in a super "feel-good" scent, not the strong alcohol scent which my clients appreciate!

Now, these are just some of the top 5 secrets revealed as a Professional Makeup Artist.  It is very important that you take care of your relationship with your client, constantly improve your skills as a makeup artist and make sure in everything you do, you keep everything clean and germ-free!  Because in truth, Beauty is All About Cleanliness Too!

What other tips can you share when you do other people's makeup?

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Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I appreciate it whenever a MUA ask me my preferred makeup rather than starting right away.

    1. Hi Ann! That's one secret that I do that I openly shared!

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  3. I always prefer ones that are hygienic and clean. This is very important since our faces are delicate.

  4. thank you for this helpful tips ms nikki i really do appreciate this


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