Sunday, June 19, 2016

Weekend Food Trip at: Bill's Bear Cafe, Robinsons Place Ermita + CBTL's New Offerings

I think it was a sudden decision to stop by Robinsons Place Ermita last weekend because we need to buy something!  And as always, the Mr. and Mrs. always ask each other: "Where to eat?"  and finally, after seeing Bill's Bear Cafe right at the center of the East Wing of Robinsons Place Ermita for quite some time, we knew we had to give the restaurant a try considering how hungry we were! 

Thankfully, the restaurant provides high chair, one of the best kind of high chair I must say (with longer back rest).  So made the quickest decision by ordering their "meals". 

But while typing this, we really regret not ordering their pizzas!  

Diced Beef served with Dry Garlic Slices in Mushroom Sauce

The beef is soft and tender and tastes really good!  I can't complain about the serving as the price is just okay for a set meal with rice, a bit of salad and creamy soup.  I can't give 2 thumbs up for the Mushroom Sauce though!  It was just okay, not the mushroom sauce my tongue was accustomed to.

Three-Cup Series

Chicken Fried with Garlic, Basil and Oyster Sauce
Quite a unique dish!  I actually like the flavorful chicken and quite a unique blend of basil and oyster sauce!  Seems like east really meets the west!

As we had a nice lunch with the kiddo, the man on the next table was eating his thin-crust pizza!  It looks delicious!  I may definitely go back to try their pizzas because they seem really yummy!

Oh the restaurant also serves coffee (that explains the cafe!) but I'm not that impressed with their coffee.  Sorry, I have quite a unique "liking" for something specific when it comes to my coffee.

Bill's Bear Cafe
4th Floor, Robinsons Place Ermita Manila
Tel. nos: (632) 554-0927 or (63918) 963-9335

And before I end this post, speaking about my unique taste and liking in Coffee, the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has something new to offer under their ICe Cream Ice Blended Drinks!  They recently launched 3 Ice Cream Iced Blended Flavors ---

Cookies & Cream

Mint Chip

and Pure Salted Pistachio

I am super interested to try Cookies and Cream and Pure Salted Pistachio, sorry guys, I'm never a fan of anything "mint" so you won't see me trying that anytime soon!  Not unless you'll just have me take a sip but I'm not going to order the one whole thing!  hahaha.  But seriously, do follow me on Snapchat @AskMeWhats as I plan to visit CBTL anytime soon before they are gone!  I am seriously craving for a cup right now!  

TO know more about The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, LIKE them on FB and follow them on IG and Twitter (@CBTLPH).

Happy Weekend!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I love minty desserts so I am all for the mint chip ice blended treat.

    1. eeek not a fan of anything mint I guess dun tayo nagkaiba :P


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