Thursday, June 16, 2016

Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes KIT 2016 Look

Spring 2016, Lunasol released their Skin Modeling Eyes Kit and I got hold of this limited edition kit!  I can finally spell --- H-A-P-P-I-N-E-S-S!!!

The first Lunasol makeup I own is the Lunasol EX02 Nature Summer Beige which I have used in so many looks I've done in the past!  The next best thing after owning the Nature Summer Beige palette is owning the Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N which I used up for clients!

I used to purchase this brand online and I'm so happy after several years of blogging, I can finally say, there are so many brands I can only wish for are now readily available locally!

Let's get back to the Skin Modeling Eyes KIT 2016, the kit includes ---
  • Skin Modeling Eyes in 01 Beige Beige (Full size)
  • Shiny Pencil Eyeliner in EX02 Shiny Brown (sample size)
  • Treatment Gloss in EX03 Pure Coral Beige (sample size)

Now seriously, if you think of trying out the brand, I can't think of a better way to try this but a limited edition kit that has 3 star products at ONE go!

Limited Edition: Php3,000

Skin Modeling Eyes 01 Beige Beige
The palette contains 4 neutral shades that are build-able.  These powders are very smooth in texture and lasting power is good.

 Swatch (from top left clockwise)
  • Pearlized shadow - high shine with shimmer and sparkles.
  • Light Peach Beige - has a bit of satin-y and pearlized finish.
  • Dark Warm Brown - pigmented dark brown shade with subtle shimmer.
  • Light Brown - soft and natural focus color. 

Shiny Pencil Eyeliner EX02 Shiny Brown

A perfect daytime liner shade!  For those who are just starting out on eyeliners and this is a great way to look put together yet not-too-made-up!

How I would wear Lunasol Skin MOdeling Eyes 01 Beige Beige
Start with the light peach beige shade, I apply this all over my crease area using the flat portion of my brush.

Using the same brush, deepen the crease area "naturally" by using the Light brown shadow shade and layer as needed.

Using a pencil brush, deepend the crease by adding a wash of color on the outer corner of the eyes.

At the same time, I use the same color to apply on the inner sides of the eyes and lower lashline.

Using the sponge-tip applicator, applied the pearlized shimmer shadow at the center of my lid.

Since I like oomph in my liner, I used a black pencil eyeliner pencil to line up my upper and lower lashline!

Apply Treatment Gloss in Pure Coral Beige which can immediately make my lips look healthy and luscious in an instant!

VOILA!  Super quick, easy and simple look from the Lunasol Skin Modeling Eyes KIT 2016!

 You can always try to be creative by using all 4 shades differently on each day!  You'll yield different eye makeup looks in just 1 palette!

How would you wear a Lunasol Beige Beige Palette?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I can help but drool on that gloss...wait I'm a matte addict why I suddenly love it? lol!

    1. the gloss is suprisingly nice, I dislike glosses nowadays but this won my heart

  2. Oh my! This is a gorgeous one. Love the shades and contents which I find really worth trying out.

    1. super sulit especially if you want to try and start with the brand

  3. Replies
    1. it is pretty, I pick this almost 2-3 x a week


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