Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Beauty Tete-a-Tete with Kojie San

I am one of the very few who gets allergic to the term "whitening".  Whenever I see skincare products with "whitening" on it, I tend to push it away.  

All thanks to years of Blogging, I get to learn the difference of whitening and lightening.  And how I should really understand something before judging. #judgmentalAKO 

So what is the difference of Whitening and Lightening?
Whitening is the process of changing the skin tone through harsh chemicals, which in return, can irritate or damage skin.  And that is the main reason why I am so scared to try whitening products because I have very sensitive skin.

Lightening, on the other hand, is a more gentle process in bringing back the skin's original state prior to sun damage or discoloration.  

Kojie San products falls on to the "Lightening" category, no wonder I have used up 2 of their soaps and felt it didn't do any damaging effects on my skin.  Instead, it made my skin tone more even and brighter.

I also get to listen to Dr. Lindsay Gail Wilson Torralba M.D., a Cosmetic Surgeon, when she discussed further the benefits of using skin care products with main ingredients: Kojic Acid, Papaya and Glutathione.

I seriously didn't know the Differences of the Benefits given by each of these 3 ingredients so this afternoon of Beauty Tete-a-Tete is an eye-opener!

Marketing Head of Beauty Elements Ventures Inc. (BEVI), Ms. Tricia Gregorio, was also there to happily share to us how Kojie San has been consistently the number 1 Kojic Acid Soap since 2007.

And what made it more exciting for a Make Up Artist like myself, to finally meet and hear well-known Make Up Artist of the Stars RB Chanco as she shared her 10 Steps Make up routine.

She is a true believer of cleanse, tone and moisturize.

I also enjoyed wonderful food from La Creperie.  

Even better catching up with fellow Girl Stuff ambassador and baby sister Tina Decena.  Love this girl to bits!

Photo taken by : Ms. Dana Decena
I also shared on video my experience after using Kojie San.  You can read my previous posts ---

I am more confident now in recommending Kojie San Product range when readers ask me about safe and effective lightening skin care products.  Best of all?  These products are 100% locally made and affordable.  I am looking forward to finish the rest of their products like the Toner and Lotion as I have been very careful in testing out products.

Thankfully, the soap passed so I'm definitely more confident in trying out the rest of their products from the range.

Congratulations Kojie San!  

Kojie San Lightening Range is available at leading supermarkets, drug stores and sari-sari stores nationwide.  Follow Kojie San on Facebook (KojieSanPH) and Instagram (@KojiesanPH)

Have you tried any of the Kojie San products?

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. I have tried their soap and its great. I have noticed that my skin have lighten a little bit and it didn't itch or got irritated.

  2. I use kojie san anti-aging soap because it is more moisturizing than the original variant and at the same time it makes my skin more even toned.


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