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Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil Review

So I'm always hovering around Leaders Insolution store at Lucky Chinatown, if you live within the area, you'll probably bump into me because I tend to bring my family there just for dinner and a bit of shopping when I get the chance!  

You all know how much of a Leaders Insolution Masks fan I am!  Since I hoarded quite a lot and was eyeing for something different to "review" from the brand, I took notice on their Pure Deep Cleansing Oil which was located near the cashier area!  I had to ask the SA if it is indeed effective and I got an approving look.  I trust her!

a photo of Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil

Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil Says ---

a photo of Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil

AMW says --- 


  • Straightforward in removing face and eye makeup.
  • Can remove mascara and some waterproof liner (up to certain extent), may leave a few marks.
  • Contains mostly natural ingredients: Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil and Annatto Seed Oil which are all hydrating and good for the skin.
  • Skin feels soft and smooth after make up removal.
  • No breakouts.
  • Does not blur the eyes.
  • Free from mineral, silicone, paraben, alcohol and other artificial products.
  • 1-2 pumps are enough for the whole face.


  • May not totally remove waterproof makeup.  Have to double-cleanse.
  • Now this one is tricky, I am actually loving the fragrance of other cleansing oil from other brands, but this one is free from fragrance, it has a normal "oil" scent.  

An effective, all-natural cleansing oil that works in removing makeup with added benefits to the skin with all-natural ingredients.


  • Apply 1-2 pumps and massage on both hands before you gently massage on your dry face.  Add a bit of water to emulsify and massage gently. 
  • For the eye area, it is best to close your eyes and gently massage to oil keeping your eyes totally shut to prevent the oil from irritating the eye.
  • Use separate eye make up remover if you can still see some mascara or liner.

Will I repurchase?

To whom do I recommend this to?
Cleansing Oil Users who have sensitive skin.  This may work for you since this product is free from most irritants.

Where to purchase and how much?
Priced at Php948.00 (approx $22.00)
Leaders Insolution masks are available at Lucky China Town Mall, Festival Supermall, SM Cebu Department Store, SM Davao Department Store, SM North EDSA, SM Cubao Department Store, SM Makati Department Store, SM Manila Department Store, SM San Lazaro Department Store and soon to open SM Seaside Cebu, SM Lanang and SM Iloilo.

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Pump packaging

a photo of Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil

I finished this whole bottle approximate a month of (4x a week) usage.
a photo of Leaders Insolution Pure Deep Cleansing Oil

The Leaders Pure Deep Cleansing Oil is pricier than other brands, but consider the fact that they use all-natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals making this my recommended Cleansing Oil for those with extremely sensitive skin!

If you don't have issues with certain ingredients, I have a couple more Cleansing Oils to review from brands like Etude House and Laneige.

Any other Cleansing Oil Review Request you may like to add?

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  1. Human ♥ Nature has a sunflower cleansing oil I love the scent but I prefer their sunflower beauty oil variant more because it is scentless.

    1. thanks for sharing, I haven't check Human Nature for quite some time!


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