Saturday, July 2, 2016

Something New: Oilatum Soothe and Protect Range

How fun it is to attend event with the AMW Family!  #TeamSmallEyes

As a Beauty Blogger who blogged and tested so many beauty products, it is normal and almost "nature" for me to do the same for all baby and toddler products!  As much as the mom has sensitive skin, my son #KyleNash got the same "genes" from me!  It gets frustrating to see his skin irritations if I use the wrong product/s.

Oilatum recently launched their new line of baby products called Soothe & Protect.  During the event, I get to learn not only about the range but more information about Dry Skin.

Explanation of Dry Skin snippet taken during the event ---

In healthy skin, the outermost layer, called the stratum corneum acts as a barrier.  It protects the skin and body from irritants and allergens, and maintains its moisture levels.  The cells within the layer called corneocytes, are hydrated and surrounded by a lipid (fatty) layer providing healthy skin barrier.
Once the lipid layer is depleted or dehydrated, Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) increases and leads to skin dryness.  The increasingly dry skin becomes vulnerable, allowing external substances to easily penetrate into its outer layer, causing itchiness and irritation.

Jon Lee Head of Skin Health and Nutrision - GSK Consumer Healthcare Philippines

And obviously, the skin of the baby is even more sensitive and susceptible to dryness.  It is highly recommended by Oilatum for moms to break the Dry Skin Cycle.

The new Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Range are formulated with nourishing oils and moisturizers to help replenish the skin's moisture barrier.  This is called Oilatum SkinLife Cycle which strengthens the skin barrier.  The range is developed with dermatologists.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Moisturizing Lotion (Php450.00 for 200ml) is clinically proven to help reduce the occurrence of dry, irritated skin in babies – even newborns. It contains nourishing mineral oils and moisturizers to help soothe and protect your baby’s skin. Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Moisturizing Lotion helps prevent further dryness by nourishing the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Bath Foam (Php360.00 for 300ml)  contains ultra gentle, effective cleansers for dry skin. Safe for everyday use, it helps to reduce the occurrence of dry, irritated skin.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Shampoo (Php300.00 for 200ml) is kind on the eyes and contains an ultra gentle yet effective cleanser for the hair and scalp. It also has detangling and static control properties to better manage your little one’s hair. It’s suitable for everyday use, even for babies as early as day one.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect Baby Head to Toe Wash (Php400.00 for 300ml) helps reduce the occurrence of dry and irritated skin with everyday use. Suitable for babies and children, it contains an ultra gentle yet effective cleanser for the hair, scalp and body. Oilatum Soothe & Protect Head to Toe Wash helps prevent further dryness by nourishing the natural moisture barrier of the skin.

Gorgeous display of sweets during the event

With Fellow mommies who attended the event.

AMW having fun with cute Cotton Candy (elephant)

Kyle Nash all grown up having fun at the colorful balls "crib"

The AMW family who can't seem to get a good shot!

Thanks to Ryan Ong for taking this photo!  Kyle Nash was busy "judging" the Elephant Cotton Candy

For more information, visit the Oilatum Philippines website ( for more information and tips from experts.

Oilatum Soothe & Protect range are available at Mercury Drugstores, Rustan's Fresh, Landmark, Royal Duty Free and Rose Pharmacy.  Soon to be available at Shopwise, Robinson and SM Save More.

Have you seen the range near you?
Will you give Oilatum Soothe & Protect a Try?

I'm testing out the Head to Toe Wash!  So Far, so Good!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Why haven't I spotted this yet? I am so glad oilatum expanded the brand. I am a fan of their classic soap and now I have some new products to try!

  2. I'll share your link to my dry skinned lil bro :D


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