Sunday, July 3, 2016

AMW Workshop Series 2: Perfecting Your Base Report

Remember last March when I kicked off AMW Workshop Series?  (Read about it AMW Workshop Series 1: Get Ready for Summer Report)

Who would have thought just a couple of months after, I continued with part 2?  And the slots were filled in less than 2 days!  THANK YOU LORD!

Here's our obligatory Class Photo!

The workshop was held at SanCoCo still, one of my favorite coffee shops to date because they serve really good coffee!  (When I say they're good, they are REALLY GOOD)

Just like any AMW Workshop Series, all the attendees will get their own personalized Ecobag with their names printed at the same time, with the names of the sponsors printed at the back!  This is just a small way of me saying THANK YOU to the attendees and sponsors for the support.  Seriously, this has all been a dream come true for me!  

Thanks to Team AMW Grace of Archaic Era for helping me "man" the registration area.  All thanks to her creative mind for making such lovely Name stickers and thought bubbles!  She also made tickets for each attendee to grab a SanCoCo drink of choice!

The "thought bubbles" idea came into mind because I wanted to know what attendees think, what they expect from the workshop and maybe, they can just give me a random "love letter" in which I can read and reread whenever I feel tired and down!

Thanks girls for being so game about it, I took home all the thought bubbles and will keep it forever!

Thankfully, SanCoCo has a lovely area for me to display the products in which the attendees will take home!  Each attendee gets to take home products worth more than Php10,000!

Thanks to the following sponsors in no particular order ---
Kanebo, Solique, Tony Moly, Biogenic, K-Palette, Benefit, Leaders Insolution

Faith.Hope.LoveSoap (IG Seller), Poise Makeup, Archaic Era

Burt's Bees, Cathy Doll, Sleek and Nippon Esthetics!

I also displayed the products each attendee will get to take home!  I can see a couple of them taking a peek!  hahaha It was supposed to be a surprise but I'm too excited to keep them to myself too!

As always, each attendee has a space with mirror for them to apply what they learned from me!  Thanks to my friend Sydney Go from Nippon Esthetics for supplying makeup tools for attendees!

Mr. AMW from Team AMW was the one in-charge for food and he did a great job ordering our favorites!  From Pork Barbecue, to Mini Siopaos, Cheese Sticks and sweets like egg tarts and cream puffs!  All the attendees were full and happy!

Everyone's ready to roll!

The place was a bit packed as I also invited some of the sponsors!  Thanks Connie and Michelle from Poise Makeup Philippines for joining.

After the demo, I also went around the help the attendees.  

Now let's talk about "Perfecting Your Base" Workshop.  Perfecting Your Base is focused to teaching attendees how to create flawless-looking skin minus the "mask-like" effect!  I have shared loads of tips to have good skin and of course, a lot of concealing and foundation-application tips specifically for EACH skin type!

Thanks Kara for being such a sport!  She's my model for the day!

I also demonstrated how to hide red spots or pimples!  Thanks Anne for being so game!

I personally picked my favorite products from each of the sponsors and went ahead sharing LOVE and happiness to the lucky winners!

Poise Makeup Philippines was so inspired by the energy of the attendees, they've decided to raffle up a $100.00 worth of brush set.

Lucky winner Ms. Phoebe Keith Ko!

And each of the attendee received Certificate of Appreciation/Attendance from me!

Some of the flatlays done by attendees after the workshop!

I am so inspired to do a part 2 of Perfecting Your Base workshop!  I may do it mid-July or something!  Please let me know if you plan to join!  I need a bit of push and love you know *winks*

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH!
I can't wait to do more workshops like this!  LOVE YOU GUYS!

Keep smilin'
Stay happy!


  1. Congratulations on yet another successful workshop, Ms. Nikki! *throws confetti* I wish I could've joined...I need help hiding my large pores *huhuhu* I, for one, would love to see you do another workshop soon! (^_^)

    1. lol I love the Throws Confetti part, sana in person! hahaha
      well, next time!!!

  2. What a fun looking workshop! The goodies are overflowing too!

    1. thanks sis! and yes, I'm glad the attendees get all those goodies, all thanks to the sponsors

  3. informative, fun and sulit. I would definitely join the succeeding workshops. Nikki will teach you properly and answer questions with full confident.

  4. will practice more ms nikki! thank you for all the learnings!

  5. I have so much fun during the event and I finally learn not to be afraid of concealers :D Know I'm in the hunt of concealers than foundations :D Btw...I wonder where could we order those mini siopaos err...siopies?

    1. hahahah it was from my husband's office contact, they are from a caterer kasi! if you plan to order just the siopitos..hehehe baka di nila ma deliver :D


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